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Shipedge software is, in its simplest definition, a funnel. It’s a tool that helps manage multiple channels and tasks in one convenient interface. With enough customizations to satisfy the most discriminating and knowledgable of clients. Shipedge’s user interface is simple enough that a novice can navigate it with ease.

Here are a few key points:

  • Unlimited multi-channel integrations
  • eCommerce Order Management Solution: dropship routing, backorder management, etc.
  • Real Time Inventory control
  • Real time reporting and history
  • Inventory forecasting with automatic PO generation
  • Simple returns and exchanges flow control


Shipedge offers a suite of cloud-based eCommerce targeted solutions empowering eCommerce businesses and online retailers (or etailers) to run efficient order fulfillment Omnichannel operations.  Shipedge automates the flow of information by integrating with suppliers, ubiquitous inventory, multi-shipping carriers, and multiple tools into its powerful Order Management System.

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Shipedge’s OMS is designed to easily integrate with selling channels and other business or eCommerce tools.

Integrations include:

  • eCommerce online stores (Shopping Carts)
  • Online Marketplaces & Price Comparison Sites
  • Trading Partners (EDI systems)
  • Wholesale websites (B2B & B2C)
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM systems)
  • Point of Sales Systems (POS/POP software)
  • Financial Management Tools (accounting and ERP Software)
  • Multiple Shipping Stations (TMS systems).

Shipedge includes a library of Plug & Play integrations to help your business grow.

channel partners integrations oms wms erp ecommerce

Shipedge’s WMS is integrated with a good amount of shipping carriers, providers and logistics software such as:

ecommerce oms wms erp logistics partners
OmniChannel Functionality

Easy integration for eCommerce Automation for multiChannel retailers.

Order Fulfillment Network

Order routing from inventory everywhere. Multiwarehouse, FBA, Just in Time (crossdock) and Drop shipping.

Multi-Carrier Shipping Station

Maximizing fulfillment efficiencies and cost reduction by producing shipping labels in batch with packaging suggestion and on-the-fly best-rate shipping method selection.

Supply Chain Automation

Supplier Management with Forecasting and automatic PO generation.

Warehouse Management System

Real time Inventory Control of Supplier’s SKUs, Warehouse SKUs and Channel SKUs.

Returns & Exchanges

Centralize Returns with easier flow for customers and warehouses. Automated exchange release, and much more.


That all depends on your specific challenges. If you need to simplify returns, no problem. Funnel your sales channel? Check. Easy order management? Come on, throw us something harder!

Regardless of your challenge, Shipedge is here to help.


Simple Returns & Exchanges

    • Step 1: Select “Initiate Return”
    • Step 2: Choose “Good” or “Damaged”
    • Step 3: Select “Email Return Label To Customer”
    • DONE!

    Has the buyer requested an exchange?  Create the exchange order associated with a return within the same workflow.  No more confusing notes on what the customer wanted…


    1. Send the Exchange Order when the return is received as expected
    2. Send the Exchange Order immediately.

    By the way:  Shipedge can manage unexpected returns just as easy…  The warehouse will create an RMA as product is restocked and you will know the conditions in which the product was received.

Central control of multiple fulfillment centers

Adding fulfillment centers and connecting one to the other is done using a hub with branches topology, keeping the OMS at the hub.  Shipedge automates order routing and supply chain decisions as much as possible.  This coupled with automated Omni-channel integrations empowers retailers with very flexible modular logistics solutions. Being able to make on the fly decisions about where to fill order from based on inventory availability at various fulfillment centers and their nearby suppliers plus the ability to create Purchase Orders and cross-dock the product for just in time fulfillment is crucial to maximizing efficiency.  Shipedge’s centralized Order Management System, Supply Management and Grid Fulfillment Architecture guarantees growth and success by reducing time spent in operations, eliminating errors and reducing inventory costs.

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