Warehouse – Adding Users

How to add new users to access your warehouse management system side on Shipedge and create their Android Shipedge Application Access token.

1. Login as Warehouse Manager

In order to create new warehouse accounts for the rest of the warehouse team you must be logged in as the main Warehouse Management account.

2. Go to System Config -> Preferences -> User Accounts


After logging in, scroll over the System Config tab in the Shipedge Main Menu and click on Preferences from the drop down. This will take you to the settings area of the warehouse account where you will find three different sections (Main User Profile, User Accounts and Communication Templates). Click On User Accounts and you will see a table with all your current users if you have already created some. To create your new user just click on Add User either on the top or bottom of the table. You can also Edit or Delete current Users.

3. Add New User


This is the page you will see after clicking on Add User. You will have to fill in their information and any field that has a red asterisk is required. You can click Go Back if you made a mistake and click the Add button below only when you have finished. The different fields you can have for a new user are:

1. Users Email/Login – The New User’s login username.
2. Temporary Password – The New User’s login password. They can keep this one if they wish but it can be changed as soon as they login their first time.
3/4. New User’s First and Last Name.
5. Activated – This will allow the user to log in. If this is set to no the user can still be created but they will not be able to login if they are not activated.
6. Orders View – This will allow that user to view the orders sections of the Warehouse if selected.
7. Inventory View – This will allow the user to view the inventory and product sections of the Warehouse if selected.
8. Billing View – This will allow the user to view any billing sections of the Warehouse if selected.
9. Token – This is the user’s Android Application Number or Key. This is how they will identify themselves when logging into the Shipedge Application on Android powered mobile devices.

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