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Inventory Control: Move, re-count, locations & print

  • Wave, Batch and Cluster Pick & Pack
  • Pick Verify & Package Quality Control
  • Put away replenishment process
  • Receiving & Returns in warehouse
  • Intelligent Cycle Counts
  • Shipping Label Assign & Verify

Note:  If your product is not barcoded, Shipedge can help you create barcodes sheets for the supplier or print labels while receiving product.  Shipedge will also create BIN location and map the whole warehouse layout for an intuitive flow of work.

Shipedge Application  Features

Inventory Control

Control you inventory at each location standing right next to the product.  Scan a product BIN location, Shipedge barcode ID, UPC, ISBN, SKU or any Retail barcode or RFID plate.  Move, re-count and print labels on demand from anywhere in the warehouse.  Print BIN Location plates and product barcode by remote control. It is just very cool!

Cycle Count

Cycle Count helps you verify the inventory count on BIN locations on a daily or weekly basis to avoid problems caused by manufacturer or receiving miscounts.  Our solution can filter low quantity bins by client/supplier and warehouse area.  Plan a route and provide a simple checklist.  If something is wrong fix it within the Shipedge app!

Productive Pick & Pack

Optimize pick routes and verify packing for multiple orders at once.  The workflow saves you time while making sure the correct product is selected, the exact amount is picked up and assigned to the correct order.  Additionally you can see speed time reports for each picker to benchmark their activities and error rates.  Reduce time, costs and liabilities!

Quality Control

Add an extra step of quality control to the fulfillment process by allowing your staff to scanning an order packing list as the product is being packaged to verify they have the correct products and quantity to successfully fulfill the orders at hand.  It is a simple and powerful way to double check the picker’s work.  Achieve maximum accuracy, guaranteed!


Scan, Assign a location and Move on to the next product.  Process any replenishments that the warehouse has received from suppliers so that you can replenish the stock levels of your customers.  Orders will be liberated in real time (as you receive product into the warehouse — Shipedge will even offer you to print shipping labels).  Put away made easy with Shipedge!


Process and re-stock returns quickly and receive the details of the order immediately by scanning the tracking #, Order #, or RMA #.  Mark packages as arrived in warehouse and ready for return processing, where each item is restocked or marked as hurt.  Shipedge liberates exchanges automatically as product is restocked!

Project Time Tracking

Create projects and let everyone collaborate at will.  Each user Tracks their time from anywhere.  List one or multiple projects at a time by using a timer which just keeps track of time as the team gets the job done.  At the end of each project, get a report and invoice your client, keeping an eye on your man hour budget and charging the customer easily and more accurately.  Let Shipedge do the tracking while you do the work!

Shipedge Wall

Communicate with the warehouse’s wall: the communication portal between the warehouse team, and to brand owners, customers or marketing team, by entering a comment or sharing photos directly from the Shipedge mobile App.  No more downloading, uploading or emailing only a few members of the organization.  Share, share, share!

Labels Out

Mark each shipping label as verified so you don’t miss place any package.  Printing labels in batch is wonderful, but a label can be misplaced.  As you scan the tracking numbers, the Shipedge app will assign it a cart by carrier and shipping method. Never again loose labels or give UPS a USPS package!

WMS Android Mobile Application Shipedge Wireless Barcode Scanner WMS OMS Warehouse Order Management 3PL

Shipedge’s Application For Android-Native Mobile Phones

One of Shipedge’s major benefits to warehouses and fulfillment centers is our Android-native Shipedge Application, which puts the majority of Shipedge’s features into the palm of your hand. You can easily replace those costly, old, heavy barcode scanners with a hand held barcode/RF scanner, which is connected to the Android powered device (any phone or tablet).

Simply install Shipedge’s user-friendly application, which is available on any Google Play Store (Click Here To View The Shipedge App In Google Play Store), and be up and running with three clicks. Shipedge’s android app allows for fast and easy access so users can control their inventory and print labels from anywhere in the warehouse.

Warehouses can also track their employee’s efficiency and project times while also giving users the ability to do any of the following activities:

  • cycle-count check lists
  • pick and pack
  • replenishment’s control
  • take and send pictures or comments with anyone through a simple drop down list and main menu

Huge Return On Investment


The Shipedge application alone can save a company thousands of dollars since most people already carry around a phone, they can now install the Shipedge application and have a full powered barcode scanner with a huge amount of extra features and capabilities.

Impeccable Security


We take great pride in security and make sure that all warehouse data and access is only limited to those users that have the necessary credentials to access the Shipedge system and each user is given their very own three-step verification process in order to access the Shipedge application.

Constant Improvement


We provide constant updates to our application and are always looking to add new features or improve old ones so make sure you stay up to date with the latest Shipedge application version.

Android Scanner RFID Barcode Application Mobile Bluetooth Shipedge WMS OMS
Shipedge RFID Barcode ecom inventory control WMS copy

The Shipedge Android Application can use both RFID and barcodes to keep track of products, inventory levels, and orders.

rfid copy

Start using the Android Shipedge Application in your own warehouse and witness the power it can provide to each one of your employee’s and see how much efficiency will increase. The Shipedge team will introduce to you all the features that Shipedge has to offer.

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