Warehouse Management System

Connect Sales to Supply Chain

Use our warehouse management system to :

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    Automate order entry via integrations with multiple selling channels, tools and shopping carts.
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    Synchronize inventory and process orders as they are paid while updating order states and posting tracking numbers as they are shipped.
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    Optimize logistics by selecting the best shipping method based on prices and destinations, which are verified through USPS’s census database.
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    Relocate inventory by changing order priorities, offering the user control beyond the typical “First In, First Out” approach.

Shipedge also has the ability to understand Marketing Tactics by selling bundles or individual products in many different ways by setting up SKU Synonyms or Sets of multiple SKUs, known as SynSets™.

Cloud Based Warehouse Management

Organization becomes easy for eCommerce Fulfillment Warehouses as Shipedge’s Warehouse management system maps the different areas of a warehouse and allocates product based on the velocity of sales for each SKU.  Automate procedures, Perform FIFO or LIFO pick verify in batch, wave or cluster for the most efficient inventory handling process physically and electronically with a well integrated system.

Streamlined Fulfillment Process

Aggregate orders from multiple channels or selling accounts to one or more fulfillment warehouses.  After processing your orders, you have the option to integrate with our native shipping station, Xenvio, which rate shops multiple shipping carriers accounts through one funnel with automatic selection. Print labels for multiple orders with one click of a button, including a custom packing lists for each channel.

Prepaid / Pay As You Go Billing Plans

Shipedge’s 3PL Warehouse Management System offers revolutionary automation for billing.  Offer a limited line of credit or operate your  fulfillment process as pre-paid versus invoicing clients After their orders are fulfilled.  Day by day, clients can deposit funds into your account in order to have their orders fulfilled before any order is shipped out allowing 3PLs to use the funds originally saved for shipping to be used in other, more important, areas such as marketing or growth.


Shipedge allows you to dropship orders by entering the supplier’s order information by email, API or FTP. Emails include the packing-list and a shipping label if necessary. We also do drop-ship returns by allowing clients to manually create RMAs from any Shipedge powered warehouse regardless of order origination. Included is the ability to upload a CSV file for uploading orders in bulk.

Returns and Exchanges

Our software is great at handling returns or exchanges by controlling the flow of products returned to your warehouse. We streamline the process of verifying and restocking inventory and providing return labels on demand, which your clients can download or email to their own customers. We allow you to use reverse logistics to return the product from the shopper’s home to the warehouse and finally back to the shelf for restocking if the product is in good condition or into a “hurt” bin if it is damaged or used.

Workforce Management

Effortlessly track your personnels times and activities. Everything is tracked and accounted for each user as product moves through each phase. The manager then gets simple reports summarizing relevant information.

  • Project man hours
  • Report expenses by service type
  • Time sheets for your staff
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    Punch cards for them to punch in/out
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    Track efficiency through android app

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Communications & Support

Shipedge offers the users a communications portal through which the warehouse personnel may communicate with their staff & clients about any topics through a web-based bulletin board. The board, also known as the wall, is integrated with email in order to allow the users to receive updates and reply to topics by quickly. Shipedge also has extensive warehouse management documentation online, which users can go through when having any questions on how certain features operates. In any event, where the users may require a more personal assistance, we offer extensive customer support to provide the user with guidance.


Inventory Management Solution

Shipedge offers robust inventory management and organization for your warehouses. Shipedge also offers location based inventory control through zones for pallets, bins, tops, floors and more. Shiopedge provides built in label printing for labeling products and warehouse locations, since it can connect multiple warehouses. Let us streamline and simplify your order processing.


Invoicing & Billing

Shipedge automates billing for fulfillment services companies. Additionally it can assign a limited line of credit to each Fulfillment Client. Clients of 3PLs make deposits or payments onto their account to pay for the shipping and handling of their orders before hand and not after. Shipedge keeps track of all the clients’ available balances and lets the warehouse know if they are running low. Shipedge also tracks the shipping and handling costs associated with the orders and organizes that information into statements which can be downloaded as CSVs. Users can also see a history of payments made to them by each client. Lastly, the billing tab in Shipedge allows users to see counting (order status counts), price lists, statements, disputes, service summaries, shipping estimates and invoices.


Purchase Orders & Replenishments

Merchants can replenish their inventory while letting the warehouse know what is coming. Creating purchase orders in Shipedge is easy thanks to inventory forecasting algorithms we use based on the velocity of sales and supplier delivery times. PO automation is possible. Merchandise costs can be updated easily because we know the supplier’s prices change constantly. Merchants can track their inventory costs and total investments in real time.  The warehouse invoicing is automatically created as work is performed, which provides the capabilities to audit separate clients and keep detailed records of all inventory movements.


Secure Warehouse Management System Servers

Our servers are all cloud based and secured with redundancy and security safeguards, hourly backups and more. Access to the backend can be limited to an IP address/location. Access to each account is then protected by encrypted usernames and passwords on top of the IP address restrictions. All our servers and software are monitored around the clock to prevent any sort of malicious activity. Rest easy knowing Shipedge is protecting your information.

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