Warehouse Management System

Connect Sales to Supply Chain

Shipedge Warehouse Management System

Automate order entry via integrations with selling channels, tools, and shopping carts.

Synchronize inventory, process orders, and post tracking numbers as they ship.

Optimize logistics with an automatic Ship Rate Shop verified through the USPS’s census database.

Relocate inventory by changing order priorities.

Create bundles and SKU translators with SynSets™.

Shipedge Mobile Barcode Scanner

Enterprise Functionality, Entrepreneur Mentality

Software developed by an eCommerce company, for eCommerce and fulfillment companies.

Cloud Based WMS

​Dynamic Warehouse Mapping based on Sales Volume

​Picking Methods (Batch, Cluster, Zone, Wave, Mix)

Multi Warehouse Routing

Order Routing

Aggregate multiple selling channels and warehouses

​​Batch print & custom packaging by account and channel

Pay As You Go Fulfillment Billing

​Eliminate accounts receivable with prepaid and pay as you go billing

​Automatic billing for shipping, storage, and services

​​Clients pre-pay accounts and you pull funds as you process orders

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping & Cross Dock

Diversify your inventory locations to scale your fulfillment network

Connect to suppliers and drop shippers via email, API, or FTP

​​​Drop ship return and exchange management

Reverse Logistics

Returns & Exchanges

​​​Set product conditions for resale and refurbishment

​Restock verify and inventory put away protocols

Reverse logistics routing returns and exchanges

Labor Management

​Personnel timesheets, reports, and virtual punch cards

​​Report expenses by service type and project man hours

​​Track orders, inventory, and personnel with the Mobile WMS App


Communications &  Support

The wall is a communications board for warehouse personnel to communicate with clients. The wall is integrated with email, which gives your team the ability to respond quickly. Shipedge has courses, documentation, chat, and video demonstrations for quick onboarding. 

Warehouse Management System Communication and Support
Warehouse Management System Inventory Management

Inventory management

Shipedge offers a meticulous inventory management system for eCommerce and distribution across all of your inventory locations. Use location-based inventory control with customization for pallets, bins, floor, special storage and more. Print labels from the rate shop and streamline your fulfillment process. 

Purchase Orders & Replenishments

Shipedge uses Artificial Intelligence for inventory forecasting and purchase order automation. 3PLs can monitor inventory for each client and sellers can track inventory levels across all selling channels and warehouses. Shipedge allows you to keep detailed record of inventory movement.

Warehouse Management System Replenishments Purchase Order
Warehouse Management System Secure Servers

Secure WMS Servers

Our cloud-based servers are protected with redundancy and security safeguards, hourly backups, and more. All accounts have encrypted login information and IP address restrictions. Shipedge servers and software is monitored around the clock to keep your information and your customers’ information safe.

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