Android ver 21.0.5 Updates

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– User action in history bin:
Any action performed by the user is now visible in History Bin views for the warehouse.
– Locations:
Faster access to location information.  The previous version would need to translate locations into bins and then get the information.  The new version skips this step.
– Controlling  Origin or Destination BIN/Location with units in processing:
Users are now allowed to Move, Re-count and Swap quantities FROM or TO a bin with units in processing, after an alert indicating the risk for miscounts.
   Android ver 21.0.5 Updates
– Actions on Multi-bin Skus will give clients the option to select FROM bin.  The units in processing alert will appear before launching the action.   From option inside Move, Re-count and Swap are still.
For example:
Android ver 21.0.5 Updates
Before launching the inventory action, you will need to select the BIN or Location and user will get an alert for units in processing.
Android ver 21.0.5 Updates
– Minor fixes on the views to manage UPCs
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