Inventory Control with Unit of Measure

Shipedge offers a state of the art warehouse and order management system. We created a system with total inventory control, including pick and pack with Units of Measure.

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Unit of Measure with WMS + OMS

Quick Receiving, Pick and Pack, and Tracking


Quick Receiving

When a replenishment arrives at your warehouse there is a simple workflow. Scan the order in, apply a unit of measure, and put everything away. The system updates the quantities based on your specifications.

Unit of Measure Serial Number Tracking Quality Assurance


Pick and Pack

When it is time to pick and pack, the system tells the warehouse team exactly what to pick and in what quantity. So, a team member knows to pick one unit, a whole case, or a pallet. Shipedge can automatically calculate and give you the best shipping rate based on the size of the unit and order destination. 

Shipedge Warehouse Management Solutions



Unit of measure is a great feature, but it is only as good as the system backing it up. Shipedge tracks everything. The system is based in the cloud, so no matter where you are you know what you have on hand. So, the system can tell you that you have 100 units or 5 cases or 1 pallet. You have the exact visibility you need. 

ERP for eCommerce

Shipedge Warehouse and Order Management Systems

  • Selling Channels
  • Suppliers and Distributors
  • EDI, API, FTP, Flat File
  • Unlimited Integrations
ecommerce inventory management warehouse management system



  • Automatic Best Rate Shipping
  • Eliminate Picking Errors
  • Auto Best Packaging Algorithms
  • Mobile App



  • Order Routing
  • Unlimited Users & Products
  • Returns & Exchanges
  • Omnichannel Fulfillment
ecommerce inventory management shipedge



  • Warehouse Design
  • Unit of Measure
  • Dropshipping & Cross Docking
  • Supplier Management

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Supply chain automation with unit of measure is just around the corner. 

Serial Number

Track and monitor all of your serial numbers. Track inbound, outbound, and around the warehouse. Perfect for electronics, pharmaceuticals, rentals, refurbishment centers and more. 

Lot Number

Like expiration dates, you can track lot numbers. Get rid of dead stock and comply with governing bodies. Shipedge inventory control with lot number does hours of work in seconds. 

Expiration Date

Track the expiration dates for all of your perishable items. Use inventory control to eliminate dead stock.