Serial Number Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical WMS with track and trace for both inbound and outbound serialized pharmaceuticals.


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Shipedge Pharmaceutical WMS + OMS

Quick Receiving, Pick and Pack, and Tracking


Quick Receiving

When a serialized pharmaceutical replenishment arrives at your warehouse, you have the ability to quickly scan the item into your system and assign a serial number. With track and trace for pharmaceuticals you can monitor products by serial number, lot number, or any other method you prefer. The WMS for pharmaceuticals offers warehouse organization recommendations for fulfillment efficiency. 


Pick and Pack

Shipedge is a premier warehouse and order management system. The pharmaceutical WMS has a sap track and trace module. Once the items are in your system and put away, Shipedge lets you monitor the levels of each product. View items by lot number, batch number, or serial number. When it comes time to pick and pack, you can use our mobile scanning app to set inventory rotation and eliminate errors. 

Shipedge Barcodes Serial Numbers Lot Numbers



Shipedge tracks both inbound and outbound serial numbers for pharmaceuticals. That means that no matter where your product goes, Shipedge keeps a historical record. This is especially important when dealing with the FDA or another governing body. You can identify and locate any products that pass through your warehouse and easily send that information the FDA. True track and trace for pharmaceuticals.

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Shipedge Warehouse and Order Management Systems

  • Selling Channels
  • Suppliers and Distributors
  • EDI, API, FTP, Flat File
  • Unlimited Integrations
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  • Automatic Best Rate Shipping
  • Eliminate Picking Errors
  • Auto Best Packaging Algorithms
  • Mobile App



  • Order Routing
  • Unlimited Users & Products
  • Returns & Exchanges
  • Omnichannel Fulfillment
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  • Warehouse Design
  • Storage Optimization
  • Dropshipping & Cross Docking
  • Supplier Management
Serial Numbers for Electronics

Serial Tracking for Electronics

One of the largest sectors of the ecommerce industry is electronics. Shipedge started as a camera part etailer which is why we created an order management system with Serial Number Tracking. Whether it is inbound or outbound you should always maintain full visibility over your unique inventory. 

Serial Number Tracking for High Fashion, Boutique, and Consignment

Serial Numbers for High Fashion & Consignment

The world is overrun with counterfeits and fake designers. This means a similar solution to track and trace for pharmaceuticals. Consignment ecommerce shops have specific needs. You need to be able to quickly receive and assign a value to an item, use serial numbers to insure validity, and track all incoming and outgoing products.

Shipedge Serialization and Serial Number Tracking for Telecommunications

Serial Numbers for Telecommunications

Like electronics, telecommunications is a booming industry. Every connected device has an IMEI, MEID, or some other form of a serial number. You need to track all of these in your inventory. Shipedge created the perfect solution for telecommunications, refurbishing centers, and rental companies. 

We Take Technology Partnerships Seriously

Shipedge is here to be your technology partner - and partner means partner. New to the pharmaceutical industry? Trying to break into a new market? Need a custom solution? Let our industry experts champion your cause. With over a decade of expertise, we know supply chain - that is why we created a pharmaceutical WMS module. This is the beginning of a relationship focused on you expanding your company. 

We are here to help you grow, because when you succeed we succeed. 

With a completely customizable and scalable ecommerce solution the sky is the limit. You never need another solution for track and trace for pharmaceuticals. So, you worry about the marketing and we'll take care of the logistics. 

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Supply chain automation with pharmaceutical serial tracking is just around the corner. 

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