Shipedge Honored As One Of The Best E-commerce  Software On GoodFirms

Shipedge Honored As One Of The Best E-commerce Software On GoodFirms

April 17, 2019 Off By Shipedge

Shipedge is a dynamic E-commerce software solution that caught the attention of GoodFirms, an analysis and review platform. After a thorough evaluation, GoodFirms has named Shipedge among the top e-commerce software in the industry.

Shipedge achieved this title after the analysis team took a deep dive into the  software. GoodFirms found Shipedge to be an extremely robust tool kit for every eCommerce fulfillment operation.

Why is Shipedge E-commerce Software Users’ First Choice?

Shipedge is the standard and innovative solution to mechanize difficult eCommerce Operations. Shipedge is cloud-based operating system and its principal modules are the Order Management and Warehouse Management Systems.

Shipedge is an omni-channel solution with multi-warehouse functionality. Some features include – Order Routing, Returns & Exchanges, Supply management, Multi-channel Integrations, Multi-carrier shipping, 3PL Billing, Mobile WMS, and much more.

The software boosts productivity down to the millisecond. This solution is profoundly engineered to eradicate errors and grow the bottom line of the user’s business. The system is designed in such a way as to customize the needs of the user no matter the size of the business.

Premier eCommerce Features Set

Order Management System

Shipedge’s order management system is a multi-channel tool. With the OMS users can manage various channels & operations in one accessible interface. The modular and customizable solution scales to the size of the business. Shipedge started as an eCommerce company and built the software to meet the exact pain points of their customers. This highly complex, yet comfortable system bolstered Shipedge to the list of top order management software at GoodFirms.

Warehouse Management System

Shipedge connects and controls the warehouse at different levels. The cloud-based WMS streamlines warehouse efficiencies with automated billing, dropshipping, returns and exchanges, and much, much more. The system is hosted on a secure server, so clients always know that their information and their customers’ information is safe.

The user can use the warehouse system to update the order entries through integrations with various selling channels, tools & shopping carts. The customer can synchronize supply and process orders along with the updating of order states & tracking numbers as they are exported. Optimizing strategies by choosing the best shipping method based on prices and goals, which are tested through USPS’s census database. These different methods of Shipedge allow it to lead as the best warehouse management software among the enlisted software at GoodFirms.


The creators of Shipedge developed the software with the idea of producing something efficacious and pocket-friendly for online eCommerce storekeepers. Keeping the features in mind and the experience to serve multiple goals in the company, the software is priced on a monthly basis and  is quote-based.

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a Washington DC-based research and review platform, which helps various users in choosing the best software by presenting the list of industry-leading software for various categories. It appraises the listed software on vital parameters like specialties, usability, and customer reviews and then sorts them based on their overall research score. This ranking-list highlights the top-performers and promotes the buying reliability of the software.

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Shipedge Honored As One Of The Best E-commerce  Software On GoodFirms