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Shipedge Translators make eCommerce fulfillment easy across all of your selling channels. 



What are SynSets?

SynSets stand for Synonyms or Sets. SynSets are information translators that work in two distinct ways. First you have Sets. Sets are for bundles. Second, you have Synonyms. These allow you to sell an item on multiple channels. 

SynSet Synonym Translators

Sometimes you may want or need to sell the same product on multiple selling channels. This may mean creating a different SKU for each shopping cart. That is a different SKU for Amazon, Spotify, Magento, etc. In order to keep track of your inventory across all channels you need SKU translators. Also, translators simplify the fulfillment process in the warehouse.

Shipedge SynSets Integrations


Integrations are an amazing modern feature for ecommerce. They translate information back and forth between Shipedge and your selling tools. SynSets simplify channel management.

Shipedge Translators Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking

Instead of tracking inventory on each channel, you can use translators to streamline your operation. With SynSets you only have to track how much total inventory you have, because Shipedge takes care of the rest.

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Warehouse Fulfillment

Use translators to simplify the fulfillment process. It doesn't matter how the order comes into the warehouse. The warehouse always knows exactly where to go to fulfill the order.

How SynSets Work

Shipedge Inventory Tracking Synsets SKU Translators

Setup SKUs for Each Channel

The entire process takes less than a minute. To start create an SKU that meets your selling channel requirements. Then connect the SKU to the item in Shipedge. And that's all you need to do. 

Shipedge Bundling Synsets

Pick and Pack

Shipedge uses SKU Translators to tell the warehouse what to pick. The warehouse doesn't need to know the channel, they just need to know what to pick, pack, and ship. Plus, Shipedge calculates the best Shipping Rate and Box for every item. Now you are saving across all your channels. 

Tracking Synsets

Track Everything

With SynSet Translators it is incredibly easy to track your inventory all in one place. Plus, you can use Shipedge forecasting to make sure you always have the right amount of inventory on hand. 

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