Shipedge Version 9.8

Shipedge Version 9.8

October 29, 2019 Off By Vinny Souza

Release Notes

Note:  You will need to clear your browser cache to see some of the improvements.  The WMS is optimized to work in Chrome.

New Support Website

  • New webpage for video-enhanced documentation

 We have migrated all courses and documentation from to a new subdomain with an improved search engine and user interface:

  • Optional Integrations Support
    • We have launched a new ticketing system for integrations.
    • The integration team can now talk to you and your clients.
    • Integrations’ Support is charged at a yearly flat access price of $299 per seat (optional service).
    • We will provide a coupon so a member of your warehouse team gets a Support Access seat for free for one year.
  • Feedback and Support
    • Links under the Shipedge logo will soon direct to this new page.

WMS Updates

  • Speed and Reliability
    • Moving order from pending to processing is now more reliable
    • Fixes for multi-page bin views
    • Fixes for inventory re-count views
    • Fixes and improvements for applying Procedures
    • Data entry into shipping_table is now more reliable
  • Serial Number control (soft launch)
    • Improved workflow for I/O Serialized items
    • New Documentation will be released on a separate email
  • Shipment Notifications from your email note shipedge.
    • Warehouse email configured by SMTP will now be used for all shipment notifications. 
  • Fixes on filters of the “All Orders” View
  • Inventory Bin History
    • Improved tracking of user associated with any update
    • Simplified View and filters
      • The view will always have the latest update on top
      • New column Post Quantity
      • Column Post Qty is Qty + Qty Change
      • Column Qty is now called Pre Qty
      • Improved filters
  • EDI
    • Stability improvements for all documents
  • Desktop App 
    • Improved update workflow for MacOS users
  • The Shipping View is now called: Processing
    • Processing Menu item will now take user to this view. 
    • The old processing view is available from a dropdown.
    • Estimate shipping rates run faster and are easy to generate
    • Shipping estimates will now display the estimated delivery date when the carrier returns that data. 
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in double printing of labels
  • Billing
    • Procedures are now faster and more reliable
    • Billing ledger items related to Procedures will not include the total in the description
  • API improvement
    • New and enhanced rest API
    • Access data for all Clients with API keys for WMS 
    • CRUD Metadata:  Inventory, Clients, Orders and Order_items  
  • Metadata view
    • We have a new view to create and manage metadata related to Inventory, Clients, Orders and Order_items. This view works in conjunction with rest API ver2.0
  • Shipping Table*
    • Two new columns were added to the Shipping table: 

ShipCostEstimate DECIMAL (10,2)

ShipMethodEstimate VARCHAR (100)

    • If you use an external Shipping Station connected by ODBC, you might need to update your data mapping.  Feel free to contact the support team for full documentation.

  • Shipping
    • Shipping Manifests 
      • Enhanced shipping manifest support for all EasyPost carriers
    • Xenvio-link:
      • X-link can now connect directly to printers — more about this soon

OMS Updates

Inventory Sales and Profits control

  • You can now keep an eye on profits
  • We track cost of goods replenished through time
  • Every sale is associated with the cost of the items shipped following FIFO algorithms 

New Order Entry View

    • We now use the new Order Entry view for creating the exchange during Returns & Exchanges process
    • General Improvements to the new Order entry view
    • Get Rates now available for choosing the shipping method of your order
    • Display of estimated shipping cost value on the order
    • Display of column with the delivery time estimate in Get Rates 


  • Display of column with Edit button of Up-order for exchange
  • Returning to send to app link that displays what is contained on pickLog (new view)