Shipedge Version 9.6 – Integrations Galore

Shipedge Version 9.6 – Integrations Galore

June 14, 2019 Off By Shipedge

Integrations & Integrations & Integrations

Last week, Shipedge connected to over 120 new premium integrations. These new integrations include shopping carts, tracking software, shipping carriers, selling tools, hardware, and more. To see the new integrations list, click here.

Warehouse Management System Updates

Xenvio Link Scale & Printing (beta)

You can now connect a scale and printer with Xenvio. Use this feature print your shipping labels directly from Shipedge using Xenvio X-Link.

Xenvio Link Installation (beta)

In the new sign up screen, X-Link automatically shares customer credentials with the WMS.

Packing List Icon

If an order needs a paper attachment, you will see an icon in the system and on the packaging sheet.

Receiving Inventory with Lot #, Expiration Date, and/or Unit of Measure

You can receive inventory and attach lot numbers/expiration dates/units of measure to SKUs on the web. You can also receive inventory on the same SKU with multiple Lot Numbers just like on the Android. This means you can assign inventory to bins by lot/expiration date/UOM. This applies to Replenishments and Returns.

Packaging Algorithms

We cleaned the code for packaging algorithms so that orders will move from pending to processing much faster. Shipedge will still recommend packaging for orders. If the order has more than five items, Shipedge will calculate a box based on dimensions. When you select a box, Shipedge shares that information with carriers.

Packaging information can be updated on the Pick & Pack and QC screens in the App. In the browser you can update this information on the Processing and Shipping Views.

Print Tray Number Labels

Create barcoded picking trays on the packaging page in the WMS. Quickly print out barcodes and scan them with the mobile app to make tray and order numbers synonymous. Pick as you would any other order, but save time and money on printing picking lists.

Link to Documentation

Order Management System Updates

Clone Order View

The new “clone order” view is replacing the “ship to the same customer” view from previous versions. By selecting clone order, you create a replica of a historic order. Same SKUs, Shipping info, Billing info, etc. This uses the new order view.

Synsets in the New Order View

In the “New Order” view, you can now add a Synset directly to the order.

Upload Products via CSV with Image URL

You can now add image to products by uploading a CSV containing image links.

Simplified Product Upload

We highly recommend attaching dimensions, cost, selling price, suppliers, etc. to every product upload. However, we now only require the SKU name and a description to upload new products. This will speed up onboarding for 3PLs and is great for etailers with abnormally sized or custom products.


Rates Table Flag = On/Off for a Faster Xenvio Rate Shop

The rate shop in the Shipping view is 70% faster now thanks to Xenvio optimizations.

Best Rate Methods Now Include Min Prices

Get the best rate-shipping chart based on Zones Best Rate with fixed Prices (minimum prices).

Best Rate Methods Now Include Time in Transit

You can now select a rate based on the time in transit. So, if you promise two-day shipping, you can now find rates to match that promise.

Prices Updates

New Price List By Seller View (beta)

We created a new view for the Prices setup and “Price List By Seller”. The chart is now much easier to read, edit, and create new price lists. 

Android Updates

Reassign Tray View

You can now add a barcoded picking tray to the pick and pack process. The tray barcodes become synonymous with the order numbers. The tray is scanable as the order number until the label is printed and the box is closed.

Link to Documentation