Shipedge Version 9.5 – Updates and New Shipping View

Shipedge Version 9.5 – Updates and New Shipping View

May 15, 2019 Off By Shipedge

Release Date: 5-15-19 (beta), 5-29-19 (full)

Warehouse Management System Updates

WMS New Feature – Shipping View

Explore the new Shipping View in the Processing Tab dropdown. The new view includes:

  • New Picking Summary – full, combined packing list for the picker.
  • New & Improved Packing List (beta)
  • New Separate Instructions List Printout
  • Process Labels in Batches
  • New Searchable Field: Tray #
  • Improved Filters

WMS Improvements

Printing Labels

You can now print bins, products, and locations from the following tabs: Inventory, Warehouse, and Locations.

Update Sort# by CSV Upload

On the Inventory > Locations page, you can now update your location Sort #s using a CSV.

Assigning Products and Bins

In the Inventory tab, it’s now very easy and intuitive to move and recount bins and products.

Better Process for Liberating Back Orders

Fulfill back orders as product becomes available. View this in the Replenishments Tab.

Inventory Corrections: Recount

You can now view all recounts on one page.

WMS Bug Fixes

  • FIFO & LIFO now fixed
  • Major fixes to Procedures

Xenvio Updates

Xenvio New Feature – Xlink (beta available)

Download the Beta Desktop App in the Shipping View > Settings. The app allows you to connect locally to printers and scales.

Xenvio Improvements

Seller Fulfill Prime as a Carrier

The Shipping view now has a rate shop view, which allows Seller Fulfill Prime as an options.

Best Rate Output Rate-Charts

You can now view best rate charts with time-in-transit.

Get Rates FedEx

FedEx Rates Available using the Ship Rate Shop and selecting “Get Rates” on an order in the Shipping view.

Order Management System Updates

OMS New Feature – Profits View

The new Profits view allows you to track profits based on products Revenue and Cost during replenishment.

OMS New Feature – Address Book

The address book makes it easy to find customer information and add new orders.

OMS Improvements

New Order Button

When manually uploading an order, you can now use the “New Order” button. This feature has a modern view, improved workflow, and Address Book.

Order Data Download

When you download order data, it will now include Lot #, Expiration Dates, and Unit of Measure.

Better Process for Liberating Back Orders

Now back orders can be filled as product becomes available via Replenishment.

Get Images from Shopify

Upload images through your selling channel integration page.

Upload Images by CSV (New View)

You can now upload product images using a CSV on the Upload Inventory page.

Prices Updates

There is a new pricing set up view when you view Price Lists by Seller. The new view is more intuitive when setting up prices.

Android Updates

Android Version: 22.1.13

Android Improvements

Assign to Picker

You can now assign to the picker from both the Processing and Shipping screens.

Update Tray # on the Fly

You can now quickly change or update your tray number during pick and pack. The Trays are scannable in the Shipping View

Android Fixes

  • Pick & Pack reliability issues fixed.
  • Standardize Views – Font and Image Sizes
  • Support for Multiple Images