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With Shipedge eCommerce fulfillment is easy for subscription boxes, bundles, kits, and much more.



What are SynSets?

SynSets stand for Synonyms or Sets. SynSets are information translators that work in two distinct ways. First you have Synonyms. These allow you to sell an item on multiple channels. Second, you have Sets. Sets are for bundles. 

Where Marketing Meets Fulfillment

Kits and subscription boxes are a huge trend in ecommerce. But these marketing strategies are only work if there is a fulfillment network backing them up. Whether you are an etailer or 3PL, Shipedge created special software to translate marketing into fulfillment.

Shipedge Bundling Synsets

eCommerce Bundles

Bundles are a fantastic way to move inventory and market an online business. With Shipedge a seller can quickly update and alter kits without messing up warehouse operations. 

Subscription Box Synsets

Subscription Boxes

The subscription model is booming in eCommerce. You can now pack food boxes or subscription kits and keep track of every component in the system. Shipedge monitors each SKU, so you always know how many bundles you have left in house. 

Synset Bundles

Special Add-Ons

eCommerce companies will often include special add-ons or trial offers in their shipments. Using the OMS, etailers can create bundles including those special offers without missing a beat in the warehouse. 

How SynSets Work

Synsets Bundles

Connect Multiple SKUs

SynSets are extremely easy to set up. Any etailer can quickly connect new or existing SKUs to a bundle. Next they simply add the bundle to their selling channel and they are good to go.

Shipedge Synset Kits

Pick and Pack

Warehouse's don't need to worry about the bundles or subscription boxes: they just need to know what to pick. When the order comes into Shipedge, we tell them exactly what to pick and if there are any special procedures. The ecommerce fulfillment center picks the items, packs them, and ships them.

Shipedge eCommerce Bundling

Track Everything

It is easy to create bundles or marketing ideas. The hard part is keeping track of the moving parts. Shipedge does it all for you. We monitor the inventory levels for each item in the bundle or box. When the SKU runs low, Shipedge tells you to reorder. And if one of a bundle SKU runs out, then the Shipedge communicates that to your selling channels.

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