Working at Shipedge

“This is a gold rush. The industry is booming, there are only a few key players, and the barriers-to-entry are high. I hope you like being busy, because we are right in the thick of it.”

“It’s not the kind of place where you wait for orders. We are all on an equal playing field, so there is a lot of autonomy to try new ideas.”

“Nothing is more encouraging than seeing your efforts payoff. This industry is up for grabs and our team just might be able to take it.”

Company Background


Shipedge started as an eCommerce company selling camera equipment. Eventually, we evolved into a 3PL (fulfillment warehouse). 11 years ago, we sold all physical assets to focus on software development. 


When you order something online, you trigger a long series of events that all occur behind the scenes. As products move around the physical world they must be tracked in the digital world. In short, Shipedge creates and sells the software that makes fulfillment possible. 

This kind of software is the backbone of Amazon’s fulfillment network. The more eCommerce evolves the greater the demand for Supply Chain Software. 


After 11 years of Software Development, Shipedge soft-launched a go-to-market strategy in March 2018. Over the past year, we’ve focused development on creating a reliable, stable, and intuitive system.

By the end of 2019, Shipedge will be ideally positioned to enter into a rapid, yet stable growth stage. We are building a team that will usher Shipedge into the next era of Supply Chain Software.