Returns & Exchanges

Reverse Logistics For Business to Consumer (B2C) Returns and Exchanges.


Manage and overview every stage of a Return from reaction to in-transit and arrival.


Manage and create Exchanges when needed to keep customers happy.

Reverse Logistics

Manage logistics for all returns and exchanges for business to consumer (B2C) orders.

Return Labeling

Create and send return labels on the fly so that your customers are able to return products at no cost to them.

Return Order Management

Returns and exchanges are an inevitable part of online business and they do happen, with varying frequency depending on the nature of your business and products. To keep customers happy and coming back, you will need to be able to manage returns efficiently, and more importantly, hassle free. By choosing the right strategic technology partner you are opening the doors to scalable order fulfillment and overall growth year after year.


Returns management can get complex really quickly, especially with inefficient software systems in place. Thats why Shipedge can be one of your  best friends and tools, since we’ve developed state of the art procedures for managing returns to ensure that they are neither costly or time-consuming, for either party, and always satisfactory.

Shipedge helps you:

  • Generate Return Labels that can be sent to the customer immediately at no cost to them.
  • Optimized reverse logistics to ensure returns and exchanges are handled in a timely matter.
  • Product Assessment and Storing once it arrives at the warehouse so you know in what state your client’s inventory is in.
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Reverse Logistics

Here at Shipedge we understand all the aspects of the returns process. Our reverse logistics solutions are efficient and streamlined, reducing time and cost through our integrated tracking systems. We manage the entire returns process for our customers, and we deliver a boost to their bottom line with improved management of goods and increased end customer satisfaction. We are perpetually improving our processes to deliver the best reverse logistics solutions, and to cater directly to your needs.

We provide many reverse logistics services for the transfer of goods from their final destination back to the point of origin accurately and in a timely manner:

  • Asset Management Tracking
  • Refurbishment
  • Asset Recovery When Possible
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Return Labeling

Shipedge provides options to generate return labels.  One option is to generate prepaid labels on demand that can be sent or emailed to the customer who needs to return a product at anytime. The other option is to automatically print unpaid Insert Return Labels in packages as they go out.  Carrier charges only apply if the customer decides to return a product.  Shipedge will monitor those Insert Return Labels and create RMAs when they get activated.  Tracking is immediately available and anyone can track the return back to the warehouse. Once the return is processed at the warehouse, Shipedge will have locations and inventory control for various condition levels that the product is in, and whether it is good enough to be re-shipped for another order of if it is damaged (Hurt).

Whether Return Labels are generated on demand or inserted into every order, Shipedge will automatically generate a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA), which needs to be placed on the return.  Returns are easy for the consumer and RMAs are usually transparent to them. User gets notified and inventory is automatically synced on all selling channel.  We even include a workflow to monitor refunds.  As soon as merchandise is received back at the warehouse Shipedge guides the staff to restock product as good, damaged or less than perfect with specific locations for each case.  If the merchandise is received as expected, Shipedge will automatically liberate any Exchanges associated with the returns.


The exchange process can be cumbersome and costly for many businesses and more so for online businesses when you factor in shipping and handling costs that have to be calculated for both ways. That is why a clean, well-defined process is needed to properly track the exchange, review the incoming products, and complete the circle so that the customer has a positive experience and receives a fully-functional product at the end.  Shipedge will even assist determining the best refund process for the consumer.  Many times returning damaged merchandise is not the best option, Shipedge calculates the number for each order based on delivery location, cost of product and other factors.

Handle 3PL Errors & Omissions:

Shipedge allows clients of  Shipedge 3PL warehouses to file disputes in the event that they feel there is a discrepancy or a misunderstanding along the way.  Shipedge dispute system initiates a re-count order for all bin locations involved and keeps client and 3PL workers communicated to solve the problem.  If the warehouse did make a mistake, Shipedge will assist with handling refunds enabling a service provider to deal with problems in a professional effective manner.  Shipedge can even bring up the name of the warehouse worker who processed the error case order.

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