Introducing: Profits

The eCommerce ERP from Shipedge

A fully functional eCommerce Enterprise Resource Planning module within Shipedge.



Welcome to Control

For years we focused on creating the finest, most robust supply chain software available.

Naturally, this includes an elite eCommerce ERP Module.

Track Product Cost Changes

Track Product Cost Changes

Monitor cost fluctuation across your entire catalog. Automatically compare the changes with your sales price to maintain profitability. 

Financial Reporting

Advanced Reporting

We've upgraded our Reports Tab. We built a more reliable reporting system to work congruently with the new ERP Module.

Artificial Intelligence ERP Forecasting

Artificial Intelligence Forecasting

With learning AI Forecasting, the Shipedge eCommerce ERP empowers you to make intelligent and informed decisions. 

Track Cost Changes

Use the Profits Module to Monitor Prices

Prices change. Your costs change every time there is a new tariff, tax, or technology. But these trends are just the tip of the iceberg. You are also at the mercy of market movements and your suppliers’ capabilities. The eCommerce ERP helps you track product cost changes associated with each purchase order or replenishment. Cross reference changing product costs with your current prices. Stay profitable even as the market fluctuates. 

Advanced Reporting

Advanced eCommerce ERP Reporting Tab

The Reports Tab is an important feature for enterprise, no matter the size. In the past we've found many fulfillment centers and ecommerce entrepreneurs live without it. So, we revamped it to make it more user friendly and reliable. Track shipping costs, expenses, product prices, and labor costs. Get full resource visibility with Profits eCommerce ERP and Reports. 

Artificial Intelligence Forecasting

Use modern, learning technology to grow faster.

Utilize modern technology to move your business forward. The Profits eCommerce ERP utilizes learning artificial intelligence for forecasting. The ERP becomes increasingly accurate the more you use it. So, the more data you put it, the more money you save. Use Profits to predict future orders, prevent stock outs, and automate reorder points. Create safety stock levels and economic order points to maximize profitability. Artificial Intelligence thinks like an expert, but leaves room for manual data entry. Welcome to the future. 

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