Order Management System

Integrate Selling Channels

Shipedge's order management system is, in its simplest definition, a funnel. It’s a tool that helps manage multiple channels and tasks in one convenient interface. With enough room for customization to satisfy the most discriminating and knowledgable of clients. Within our system the user interface is so simple and intuitive that anyone navigate it with ease.

Unlimited Channel Integrations

Inventory Forecasting with Automatic Purchase Order Generation

Real Time Reporting and History

Complete OMS Feature Set: Dropship Routing, Backorder Mangement, Etc..

Real Time Inventory Control

Simple Returns  Exchanges Flow Control


Returns & Exchanges

Shipedge makes returns snap, so you're done as quick as 1.. 2.. 3...! All you have to do is; select initiate return in our system, mark as "Good" or Damaged", and select "Email Return Label to Customer". Seriously it's that simple.

Exchanges are just as easy. Just follow the same steps then pick whether you want to send the exchange order when the return is received in good condition or send the order immediately.

We even manage unexpected returns by having the warehouse create an RMA as the product is restocked and you'll know the condition in which the product was received.


Advanced Warehousing Technology

Most order fulfillment centers and distributors are still relying on antiquated methods to get products to consumers.  Shipedge brings the highest level of efficiencies because it was built from the ground up as a software solution for eCommerce. You’ll just have to experience it to feel the difference. It’s like a tailor-made suit, but for your business. We deliver a solution that is the perfect fit four every inch of our industry.


Simple Integration

Only at Shipedge can you expect unlimited integrations. We want to grow with you as you expand and that means creating a vast ecosystem of integrations. Our development philosophy is to build the solutions that our customers are asking for as their businesses evolve. We don't want you to have to hunt for a qualified developer who can handle these delicate procedures. We do all of the work for you. We have 60+ integrations and we're constantly growing that number.


Harmony Through Communication & Workflow

Shipedge creates a harmonious relationship between merchant and warehouse. Merchants and their teams can collaborate with the fulfillment warehouse team through the communications wall. The Wall organizes conversations down to the topic and makes it easy to work together. Each workflow is tailored to either Marketing & Sales or Warehouse organized to best fit their needs although they both get the same information. Collaborate effortlessly with our our system.

  • Communications

Phone and email are outdated, we have designed a solution for ease-of-use and simplicity. Our solution allows you to communicate with your Shipedge warehouse team or tech team so you can properly manage your business.

  • Upload Capabilities

The warehouse can share pictures with you. You too, can upload and share photos with Shipedge; or upload flyers, coupons, letters, etc. to include with any or all orders. Your customers can receive color print-outs in premium paper with envelope and everything.

  • Control

Initiate returns, or create a claim and communicate with the warehouse manager, tech support and customer service… All from one spot.

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Shipedge is designed to 

improve accuracy and efficiency.


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