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Shipedge Inventory Control with Shipedge

The end of the cannabis prohibition is imminent and indeed has already arrived in certain states. Cowen, an investment firm, predicts that the cannabis industry could generate as much as $75 billion annually by 2030. A large chunk of this revenue will come from the eCommerce sector with apps and websites selling and delivering weed and other cannabis products directly to the consumer. However, weed delivery is not as simple as transporting electronics or supplements. Storage, fulfillment, and transportation of marijuana all provide unique problems for which you will need a specialized solution.

For instance, the main shipping carriers (UPS and FedEx) will not be able to serve the marijuana industry for several reasons. The largest being that transportation of Cannabis/Marijuana is a federal crime. Transportation is heavily regulated and there is huge opportunity for launching a service for current growers and dispensaries. They need a specialized partner and that partner needs specialized technology that integrates all the different parties.

Shipedge is a warehouse management, order management, and inventory management software. We have integrations with a few Transportation Management Systems and have already begun to integrate with cannabis fulfillment companies. Given historical and current ecommerce trends, we believe the marijuana ecommerce industry may overshadow the dispensary model. Though changing, taboos still exist and are especially prevalent in previous generations. In addition to convenience, cannabis home delivery offers the confidentiality that many people seek. Additionally, ecommerce offers a more flexible supply chain which not only aids in supply sourcing, but also allows for unique subscription models and bundles of products. This may include microdosing products, CBD oils and products, and special THC products like edibles, vapes, and rubs.

With any new industry, especially one that is destined to be highly monitored like the weed delivery model, there are a lot of regulations and reporting needs that need to be taken into consideration. Beyond logistics infrastructure, there is a steep learning curve on the regulatory and technical side. With this in mind we offer the most complete solution for an entrepreneur, large dispensary, or store chain to handle the product efficiently. We cover all the regulations in relation to the cannabis, distribution, and delivery to keep everything accounted for and reported at all points of the supply chain. Whether you wish to ship weed to consumers or serve as distribution point between growers and dispensaries, Shipedge is working to offer the closest you will get to a plug and play solution. If you don’t have the infrastructure in place, we are happy to introduce you to a 3rd Party Logistics company using Shipedge who can help you build your company and mitigate the risks associated with Marijuana transportation.

Product vs. Consumer

Until recently, the marijuana industry was almost exclusively a product driven world, but this is changing. Today consumers have a wide variety of weed suppliers and strains available, which means businesses must ensure they can either stock or quickly source high quality products at a competitive price. In a consumer driven world, ecommerce weed suppliers will need an order management system that allows them to source and sell marijuana products from a wide variety of growers and distributors. Shipedge gives you the flexibility to grow and pivot your inventory based on customer trends. This is also true for brick and mortar dispensaries that wish to fulfill online orders in addition to walk-in traffic.

With this in mind we offer the following considerations for anyone or any 3PL looking to ship weed to consumers.

Inventory Control

Marijuana is a unique product in that it is packed in weight quantities instead of modularly or piece by piece. When it comes to inventory management and inventory control for marijuana distribution, the packing process needs to integrate with the shipping process. Lot Control, expiration date control, and even serialized prescriptions are also necessary to maintain weed quality (freshness) using a first-in-first-out marijuana model. Furthermore, it is a high price product with important value in every gram. Weed is a plant and it falls apart. When you are pulling together packaging Shipedge has modules that allow you to create a new “shake” product from the displaced bud. You can also create bundles of products and accessories that run with your specials. Marketing guys will be able to do wonders with Shipedge’s smart translators will seamlessly enable the warehouse to fulfill their ideas. All of this is to say that when shipping weed or fulfilling orders a Shipedge inventory management system ensures you do not miss any opportunities to sell all of your product.

Track and Trace

Not many know this, but alcohol in the majority of states in the US is still regulated using prohibition era legislation. Because of this it is surprisingly one of the most complicated industries in the country. We should all expect marijuana to be as regulated, if not more in the coming years. At Shipedge our implementors are certified in Metrc, which is a track and trace software specifically for (not by) the government entities overseeing the cannabis industry. The system itself tracks and records data from every point in the marijuana supply chain. It monitors weight quantities and pricing from the grower to the consumer. As a distributor you will need to integrate with a service like Metrc, and you will need your warehouse and inventory management systems to integrate with it seamlessly.

Industry Relationships

While you are building your weed ecommerce company, last mile delivery services with simple integrations are popping up across the nation as well. These last mile companies, what you might call the “uber of logistics”, make it possible for weed products to go from your distribution points to the customer. What this means is that there is a network of drivers and distributors ready to fulfill your orders and at the center of it all is Shipedge. We can integrate with all of them and allow you to build a nationwide weed distribution network or at least a network in the states that already legalized cannabis.

At the end of the day, if you want to create a weed delivery service or an online cannabis company, you need Shipedge. We already exist in the sector and we have relationships across the entire ecommerce industry that will allow you scale. To learn more, you can contact us here.

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