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Lot Control Inventory Management Software

If you sell perishable items, then lot control is a vital part of your operation. Shipedge created a one-of-a-kind solution specifically for eCommerce.

Lot Control management for ecommerce

With lot control management, you can track inbound and outbound products. We empower full barcode and expiration date management and supply chain visibility.

Automate everything and create a true omni-channel supply chain. 

Expiration Date Inventory Management

Lot Control Management

For perishable products, serialized goods, and highly regulated items lot control is a must. We make it easy to aggregate goods based on their Lot and expiration date. We can even help with irregular goods like art, fashion, and more.

Returns & Exchanges

We don't just cover items in your warehouse - we handle reverse logistics too. Shipedge creates codes for each item in the Lot. This means that if you have a return there is a historical record. If an SKU comes back, Lot Control Management is still there to help.

Shipedge Warehouse Layout

Warehouse Layout

Our first step is organizing your warehouse. Some items that need lot control management need special locations. Some examples are secure areas or refrigerated areas. Shipedge can tell you where every item is and what expiration date is attached.

Lot number management makes the world go round

Shipedge Makes for Happy Customers

Let's say either you as a eCommerce business or fulfillment center experience a recall. While this is never pleasant, Shipedge makes it easy to track the exact location of every item. You can quickly handle any situation, reduce labor costs, and move onto the next steps.

More About Lot Control

When a shipment arrives at the warehouse, you can easily scan it in and tag it with the Lot Number. We keep track of that information - even if you never need it. Shipedge creates a historical record for each item. So whether it is inbound or outbound, you always have that available.

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    Multiple Suppliers for the Same SKU
  • Products with an Expiration Date
  • Forecasting and Reports
  • Product Recalls

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We started as an electronics etailer and built our system around our needs. By the way, we still use lot control for our own rental shipments today. 

Serial Number

Track and monitor all of your serial numbers. Track inbound, outbound, and around the warehouse. Perfect for electronics, pharmaceuticals, rentals, refurbishment centers and more. 

Unit of Measure

Fulfill orders by the unit, case, pallet, truck load, or any other unit you desire. Shipedge tracks all of the information in the system, so you always have the details you need.  

Expiration Date

Track the expiration dates for all of your perishable items. Use inventory control to eliminate dead stock.

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