How Lot Control and Expiration Dates for Inventory Can Help Your Operations

How Lot Control and Expiration Dates for Inventory Can Help Your Operations

February 7, 2017 Off By Shipedge

Not everyone's system supports lot control. Some vendors don't see inventory management expiration dates and inventory lot control as a necessary part of your daily operations. This can be a huge mistake of course as lot control, or the ability to track a specific batch of items to its original replenishment can be extremely helpful. Especially when it comes to the operations of certain product types and certain scenarios.

Inventory Lot Control

It's important to be have a system that allows for visibility of inventory expiration dates. Lot control functionality associates a code with each replenishment (receipt of inventory) from any supplier. This allows you to easily aggregate goods by their expiration date which is essential for the management of large numbers of products with various expiration dates. Lot numbers and expiration dates can also be useful for planning purposes.

Lot Control Data - When You Need It Most

Having lot control features as a part of your inventory or warehouse management system can mean the difference between success and disaster.

Consider this: Your new client's product has been recalled, or your own product has been recalled and you don't have the ability to know which replenishment the product came from. Has the entire product line been affected by this recall? Or only a specific Lot from the supplier? Well, without Lot control it's going to be a hassle to find out.

So that's where Lot control comes in. Easily see which items have been affected and which Lot they have belong to. From there it's easy to resolve the issue and know exactly which items were affected and which ones we're not.

Shelf Life & Lot Tracking

While organizing inventory according to sales and shipping velocity is extremely effective for eCommerce products that don't expire. Many have asked for a feature that takes care of the business situations that do require expiration date and lot tracking. To meet this market demand we have expanded our software's capabilities and have introduced Lot Control. So if you or your clients have products that have expiration dates or need to be monitored by Lot. We've got you covered.