Warehouse – Pick & Pack – Shipedge Android App

How To Operate The Pick And Pack Function In The Shipedge App

1. Select Pick And Pack


Select the Pick and Pack option on the Shipedge Application Main Menu after logging into your specific warehouse.

2. Enter/Scan Shipping Numbers


Scan or enter your shipping numbers for the orders that you wish to pick and pack. These will be the packing lists that you have printed out and are ready to start processing. Each shipping number you scan/enter will be assigned to a box (example: The first shipping number will be box 1, the second will be box 2, etc.)

3. Organized Your Orders/Pick Lists Into Boxes


The way that the Shipedge Application organizes the orders is by boxes as shown in the picture above. Each box will contain one order and its packing slip. The application will tell you which items you have to pick for which box, so if you go to a certain bin to pick your first product and you need 10 of those products for three separate orders the application will only make you go to that one bin one time, but it will tell how many go towards each order/box so that you can separate them accordingly.

4. Start The Pick And Pack Process


After you have scanned/entered all the orders you wish to pick and pack they will appear in two spots on the screen. One of the spots will be under the Start button. Each order will be listed under its respective box number, which you should use to organize your packing lists with their respective boxes (as explained in the above step/photo). The other spot where the orders will appear with their respective box number is under the RESET button in the List of packing lists section at the bottom. Each row will represent a separate box/order. Once you have scanned and entered all of the orders that you will pick and pack you can press the “Start Pick And Pack” button to begin picking the orders.

5. Pick Your First Order


Once you click on the Start Pick And Pack on the initial screen after scanning all the orders you wish to pick this popup will appear with directions as to which is the first BIN you must go to to pick the first item you need. There will be sound effects that will alert the user of when they must move to a new BIN or if they made an error in scanning the wrong BIN/product. We have added this as an extra step of quality control. This popup contains the following information:

1. BIN – This is the most important piece of information on the popup because this is the name of the BIN that you must go to to pick the item(s) you need.2. Total # Picks From BIN – This number is the amount of items you need to pick from the BIN that is shown. In this example we would have to go to BIN A1-208 and get 6 items from that BIN.3. 0 of # – This is the amount of items that have already been picked up out of the total amount required. Since we haven’t picked any yet it shows 0 of 6.4. Pick: # – This is another reminded of the total amount of items you need. The difference is that this part will tell you how many of the total items from the BIN are going towards an order (example: if you have to pick 10 total items from this BIN but 3 are going to box 1 and 7 are going to box 2 then this will show you Pick 3 for box 1 until you get those 3 items, and then it will change and make a noise and say pick 7 for box 2.5. Box # – The current box you are picking items for.6. Packed – The amount of items that need to be packed.7. Number Picked – This text box will show the amount of items picked. If you have to pick 50 then this will move up 1 by 1 until you get up to 50. You must scan the first barcode every time you come to a new BIN for quality control purposes. Afterwards you will be able to click on this text box and enter the amount you need of its a very large number (in the case of our example of needing to pick 50 it would take too long to click the plus button 50 times so you can just scan the BIN barcode and pick 50 and enter the number 50 in the text box.)8. + Button – The + button works after scanning the first barcode of every new BIN you come to. Afterwards the plus sign can be clicked every time you pick another item from the BIN. You may also scan the product to achieve the same effect of clicking the plus button (adding +1 to the number picked text box beside it.)9. – Button – The – button does the opposite of the plus button and only works after scanning the first barcode of every new BIN you come to. Afterwards the minus sign can be clicked if you made a mistake for some reason and need to go back a step. Obviously you wont be able to press the minus button if you are at 0 since it would go into the negative but every time you press the minus it will -1 the number in the number picked text box beside it.10. Box # – This shows the current box#/Order you are picking items for. This will help guide you as to where to put the items you are picking on the box cart you have setup from the above step.11. Manual Scanner (Camera) – You can click on this button if you do not have a bluetooth scanner connected with the android device. This will only work if you download the barcode scanner application (which if you do not have when you click on this icon it will give you a link to where you can download the free barcode scanning application). This basically allows you to use the android’s device camera as the actual barcode scanner so you would just take a photo of the barcode and it will work just like a barcode scanner. This will achieve the same effect as pressing the + button above and increase the number in the text box by 1. You must always scan the first item of every new BIN you come to for quality control purposes before the plus, minus, or text box can be pressed.12. Pack – The pack button is clicked once you are ready to begin packing the items you have picked. This can be clicked at any time in the process but it is recommended that you press it when you are actually done picking just to prevent mistakes. If you for some reason need to press it half way through the picking process you can do so and you would just be directed to pack the current products you have picked so far and then you will have the option to continue picking where you left off.13. Skip – The skip button allows you to skip picking a certain product if you need to do so for any reason.14. Close – The close button just exits out of the pick and pack popup.

6. Packing Your First Box/Order


Once you click on the Pack button on the Pick screen (the last step/photo) you will be taken to this popup, the packing popup. This popup has some basic information that is very important in the packing process. Please pay attention especially to the item numbers and the shipping/box numbers so that you place the correct items in the correct box/order. To verify this and add another level of quality control we made it so that you must scan the shipping # of the box you have packed to make sure you have placed the items in the correct box. Another great quality control feature we inputed is that every time you finish packing a certain shipping#/box# the shipping # in the textfield will dissappear so that you must enter/scan the next one in order to move forward. When you are packing different items into the same box the shipping number will remain in the text box to let you know you are still putting items in the same box.

1. Pack – This is the number of products you must pack into the current box.2. Packed – This is the number of products you have already packed into the current box.3. Box # – This is the box # that you are placing the current products into.4. Scanner Icon – This is the icon that will allow you to use the phone’s camera as the barcode scanner. As stated before you must have the free barcode scanner application install for this to work. If you do not and you click on this icon then you will be given a link to where you can download the barcode scanning application for free. You can also use the bluetooth scanner if you have one connected to the Android instead.5. Product Information – These rows give you information about the product you are packing.6. Shipping # – This is the shipping # that belongs to the current box you are packing. This is the number that will be entered in the text box below by either scanning it with a bluetooth scanner/ scanning with your phones camera or entering it in manually with the keypad. When you click pack the number will remain in the text box if the next items have to be packed into the same box. If you click pack and the number clears out then that means you have to move to the next box for the next product you are packing. It is very important you pay attention to this number when packing your items as well as the box number to make sure you pack the items in the correct box. Since you must scan/enter the current shipping# in to verify the current pack you are completing that will prevent you from messing up.7. Shipping # Text box – This is where the current shipping # will appear after you scan it with your camera or bluetooth scanner or where you enter it in manually with the phones keypad. When you click Pack this field will clear if you have to move to the next box, or it will remain if the next items you have to pack belong to the same box/order.8. Pack Button – Click this after you have packed the correct amount of items into the current box.9. Cancel Button – You can click the cancel button at any time to exit the process. When you return you will be brought back to where you left off.

7. Packing 2nd type of Product into Same Box/Order


Once you click pack on the last step after putting the correct amount of items into box#2 you will see that it changed to a different product/amount that needs to be packed. As you can see though we are still in box #2 that means that the new type of products must be packed into the same box as the last step, box #2. The way you can tell this is two fold, one the Box # at the top shows that it is still box #2 as it did in the last photo. And two when you clicked Pack the shipping# remained in the text field and was not erased, meaning that you are still packing the same box, just different types of products. The only time the shipping # will clear from the text box when clicking pack is if you have to start packing a separate box.

8. Packing Next Product Into New Box


After you clicked Pack in the last step you will see that the shipping# was cleared out of the shipping # text box this time and was replaced with “Enter shipping#” instead. As stated this means that we are now packing items into a new box, and as you can tell the box# above changed from box#2 to box#1. The product description is also different since this is now a new type of product we are packing into the new box. The process is the same you pack the amount requested, 6, of this product, the Gildan Dryblend 6 oz. Jersey Polo size M (black) into box #1 (shipping #232564). We would just scan the shipping number of the order/box after placing all 6 shirts into the box and the shipping # will appear in the shipping # text box. You click Pack and you are done.

9. Finishing Pick & Pack


Once you click Pack on the last box/order that you need to pack the popup will disappear and you will be brought back to the front screen of the Pick & Pack screen. The box information will all be cleared letting you know that you have successfully picked and packed all your orders. Congratulations. To continue picking and packing you must just repeat the steps in this documentation to continue doing it. After a few attempts you will get the hang of it.



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