Warehouse - How To Process An Order

How to process in order from pending to shipped. (Printing labels and packing lists)

1. Pending Status


To begin process an order you must first go to the Pending tab in Shipedge. You then go down to the list and see the amount of orders you have in pending. You can process up to 50 orders at a time (increasing the Records per Page to 50) by selecting all. You can also just select one or a few orders if you only wish to process those seperately and then when you have the orders you wish to process you go to the top of the column and press the Process button. This will transfer the selected orders to the Processing page.

2. Processing Status


After sending the correct orders to the processing page you must go to the Processing tab in Shipedge. You must then select the orders you wish to process/print (packing slip/shipping label) and then click on the correct label printing service you wish to use to print the labels. In our case we use our own label printing software called Xenvio, which comes with Shipedge, and when we click on Xenvio after selecting the orders the printer begins to print out the packing slip and shipping label one by one.

3. Shipped Status


After printing the label and packing list the warehouse team must then pick and pack the orders (can use the Shipedge Android App to do so more efficiently). Once the order has been packaged and ready to be shipped the order is finished. You may go to the Shipped tab in Shipedge to see the orders that have been marked as shipped. If you integrated your selling channels correctly, Shipedge will automatically send back tracking and confirmation to your customers for the orders that shipped.


Last updated byadmin on October 26, 2018