Using the Shipping View

Fulfillment Process

1The first thing you will want to do in this screen is filter down to a manageable amount of orders. You can find out more about filters in a separate help doc.
Click for Help Doc on Using Filters & Search

2Using the Shipping ViewOnce you filter down you will adjust show _______ entries to how many labels you want to include per batch.

3Using the Shipping ViewNext hit Select All and click Fulfillment button.

Once you click the Fulfillment button a Fill Orders window will pop up and here is where you configure what you want to print, whether you want to batch a group of labels, and assign a picker (optional)

Using the Shipping View

Print Packing List – prints scannable packing lists
Picking Summary – scannable cheat sheet with item barcodes (not recommended for normal workflows)
Instructions List – contains any special instructions or procedures for your batch of orders
Batch Labels – groups labels and gives them a batch number to pull up the same group of orders (Recommended)
Assign Picker – OPTIONAL – sends your group of orders to a specific picker in the warehouse (picker will get a notification on their mobile device, orders will load upon click.)


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