Using the Shipping View


1The first thing you will want to do in this screen is filter down to a manageable amount of orders. You can find out more about filters in a separate help doc.
Click for Help Doc on Using Filters & Search

2Using the Shipping ViewOnce you filter down you will adjust show _______ entries to how many labels you want to include per batch.

3Using the Shipping ViewNext hit Select All and click Fulfillment button.

Once you click the Fulfillment button a Fill Orders window will pop up and here is where you configure what you want to print, whether you want to batch a group of labels, and assign a picker (optional)

Using the Shipping View

Print Packing List – prints scannable packing lists
Picking Summary – scannable cheat sheet with item barcodes (not recommended for normal workflows)
Instructions List – contains any special instructions or procedures for your batch of orders
Batch Labels – groups labels and gives them a batch number to pull up the same group of orders (Recommended)
Assign Picker – OPTIONAL – sends your group of orders to a specific picker in the warehouse (picker will get a notification on their mobile device, orders will load upon click.)


Selecting one, several or all orders and then clicking the Actions button allows you to do something related to all the orders you have selected.

Using the Shipping View

Batch Labels – Groups the selected orders into a batch and assigns them a batch number that looks like this; B.4. Batches can be found next to the status icons and when checked will filter orders down to the ones grouped into that specific batch.

Remove Batch Labels – Removed selected orders from a batch.

Print Labels – Sends the selected orders to the printer or generates a pdf to print (based on your Xenvio link settings).

Mark as Shipped – Moves orders into a shipped status without generating a label through a carrier connected to our shipping view or Xenvio. (Useful when using a shipping tool or booking delivery outside of Shipedge)

Pause Shipping – Puts that order on hold until someone un-pauses that order manually.

Bulk Editing – Allows you to edit shipping methods or packaging for a group of selected orders.

Download CSV – Downloads a group of orders and their associated information as a CSV file.

Other Points of Interest

Connecting Label Printers & Scales – You can configure this view the X-link Settings. Click for Help Doc on Setting Up X-link

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