Shipedge OMS-Seller connect product from another OMS (x-dock from OMS-Supplier to OMS-Seller)

This document explains how to Integrate an Shipedge OMS account as a Supplier into an Shipedge OMS account as a Seller.

In this case we will set one OMS as the OMS-Supplier and another OMS as the OMS-Seller account to perform cross-dock type operations. Cross Dock (i.e. x-dock in Shipedge) means that when product arrives into one dock(door) of the warehouse, it will leave on the other dock (dock) — therefore, the name cross dock. Selling without stock using this model requires a nearby supplier that can send the product to your Shipedge warehouse immediately after the order is received. Once received at the warehouse, the product will be entered normally using the Replenishment feature but as the product is processed, shipping labels are printed so product can be packed instead of putting it away.

1. Getting OMS Supplier API credentials to tap into its inventory


1. Login to the OMS Supplier account
2. Go to My Account Preferences
3. Open the API integrations tab
4. You will need to grab: AccountID, Key and the Warehouse code
You can logout once you have the data ready to copy and paste ( You will need to paste the “Key” into the OMS Seller)

2. Adding Distribution Center to the OMS Seller account


1. Login to the OMS Seller account and go to My Account > Preferences
2. Open the Channel Automation Tab
3. Use the dropdown to select “Distribution Centers”
4. Click on the Shipedge link to add a new Shipedge type: OMS Supplier

3. Connecting Shipedge OMS brach or OMS Supplier as a Distribution Center


1. OMS Seller > My Account > Preferences > Distribution Centers > < Click on Shipedge >
2. Add the name of your OMS-Supplier / Distribution Center
3. Paste the credentials obtain in Step1: Account ID, Store ID (optional), API Key and select the warehouse from your dropdown
4. IMPORTANT: Give you new DC a code: 3 letters would be ideal. This **DC_code** is very important…
5. We recommend for the OMS-Seller to create one single Purchase Orders for all product required that day so the the individual orders will be filled in their account.
NOTE: Crossdock will guarantee that the OMS-Supplier pays for shipping and handling of the orders to its consumer while keeping the customer information private.

4. Add a Supplier record for your now connected OMS-Supplier


1. Go to OMS Seller > Inventory > Suppliers > < Click on “Add Supplier” >
2. Only a name will be required at this time.
3. Add products to your Inventory Catalog:
— You can now add inventory SKUs of your new Supplier: Click on Inventory and then “Import Products” by CSV upload or Add SKU to enter the SKUs one by one.

TIP: If you have access to your OMS-Supplier account, you may want to export the inventory and then just change the Supplier column and your pricing data.

NOTE: The OMS supplier might limit the list of SKUs that it allows you to sell. Shipedge will only Sync Quantities for Sku codes that exist in the OMS-Seller account.


5. Connecting your new Distribution Center to your invetory catalog


1. Go to OMS Seller > Inventory > Distribution Centers (DC)
2. IMPORTANT: Link your DC to a Supplier by selecting the Supplier from a dropdown. Notice that one Supplier can have more than one DC.
3. “Create equivalent inventory” will duplicate the SKUs of that Suppiler assigning them a this DC and adding the **DC_code** as a _suffix of the SKU code. This will allow you to see quantities in that particular DC separated from the quantities in the warehouse associated with your DC.
4. (optional) Synce Inventory: Inventory Quantities will be synchronized every 15 minutes but you can force sync at anytime by pressing this button
5. IF the OMS-supplier Skus are different than the SKUs you have created, you can upload a translation file.
note: If the OMS-Supplier is x-docking from the same warhouse, we do not recommend changing names since the warehouse might need to scan the same SKU code while picking.
6. Now the fun part: You get to choose which DC (Suppliers) get first priority and which are automatically added ot he daily replenishment: (this is linked to steps 7 and 8)
7. Use the crossdock configuration dropdown to select the Souring Algorithm/Rule Shipedge should follow when step 8 is invoqued.
8. Click on “Create xdock replenishments” to Fill your backorders by creating one Purchase Order (PO) from each DC of your integrated Suppliers. If the Supplier DC has been integrated*, the PO will be sent as an order to the OMS-Supplier and received through a replenishment into the OMS-Seller inventory.
9. Upon request, Step 8 can be automated on a daily basis.

Last updated byShipedge on October 23, 2018