How to Initiate A Return Or Exchange

If your customer is returning an order to you, Shipedge will help you register this information and notify the warehouse to expect the package. Shipedge will also provide you with a RMA numberĀ (Return Merchandise Authorization). In order to process a return, please follow these steps:

1) Find the Order




There are several ways to find an order in Shipedge. You can type your customer’s Shipping number, Order Number, Reference Number, email address, First/Last Name, or zip code in the “Search” box in the main screen. Using this information, Shipedge will immediately locate the order and show it to you.

2) View the Order




Once you’ve located the order in Shipedge, you can access its details by clicking on the “Shipping Number” link or on the “View” link.

3) Initiate a Return




Press the “Initiate Return” link and confirm that you wish to initiate a restocking request.

4a) Process a Re-Stocking Request




  • Shipedge will assign a unique RMA number for each and every one of the returns you process. This number will help the warehouse to easily locate the order’s records when they receive it, so we strongly recommend to provide this number to your customer and ask them to mark the package they send back with this number.
  • The “Add Other Sku” link is used in case your customer received a different SKU than the one that’s written in the order’s records. (This can be caused by a human error during packing process.) We have a specific lesson on how to handle a packing error.
  • When entering a restocking request, Shipedge allows you to specify the quantity of items of each SKU that the customer is sending back as well as the status of those items. Please mark them as “Good” if the item that your customer is sending back is in perfect and restockable condition, or mark it as “Hurt” if the item is defective, broken, or incomplete. The warehouse staff will put all the items marked as “Hurt” into your Hurt Bin.
  • After you have finished entering the required information, you can press “continue” to go to the next step, “cancel return” or “leave pending” in case you need to wait before submitting the return. This will leave the re-stocking on pending status and it will be invisible to the warehouse.

4b) Process a Re-Stocking Request




The next view will show you the item(s) that you have entered for the re-stocking, so you may confirm or undo the information.

5) Instructions to the Warehouse




– The next view will show you the information of the order and SKU(s) that is(are) coming back to the warehouse and allow you to provide with specific instructions to the warehouse on the text box if needed.

– ShipEdge also provides you with the alternative to generate a printable pre-paid return label pdf file. If you need to generate it, please just mark the box and follow steps. You will be able to access the pdf document at the end of re-stocking process.

– Finally you can select one of the following options to complete to enter the return:

  • Simple Return: Mostly used for returns for a refund.
  • Exchange on Received: When you press this button, ShipEdge will take you to a new view so you may enter the SKU(s) that you wish to send to the same customer when the warehouse receives the item back. This alternative is mostly used either when a customer receives a defective item and you agree to send a replacement as soon as the warehouse receives the item back, or when your customer wants to exchange the product he/she received for a different one from your inventory.
  • Exchange Now: This view will allow you to enter the re-stocking and send an item to the same customer at the same time (without waiting to receive any item back on the warehouse).

Instead of completing the return, you can still:

  • Edit the return
  • Cancel & Delete the return.
  • Leave the Return Pending

Last updated byShipedge on October 23, 2018