Print a List of All Packaging Materials

You have the option to print a list of all of your packaging material. The idea with this list is that as you are doing quality control or pick and pack, you can scan a barcode on the list. When you scan the barcode the packaging associated with that order will change to the one you scanned and you can charge your customers accordingly.

Navigate to the Packaging Page

Print LPN Label

Navigate to the Packaging page by going to the Inventory dropdown and selecting Packaging.

Click Print List

Check the Preview and Print

Make sure when you print the list of your packaging that you check your printer configuration. This list will print out on normal printing paper. 

  1. Barcode
  2. Packaging ID
  3. Packaging Nickname
  4. Description of the Packaging
  5. Packaging Dimensions
  6. Package Weight
  7. Package Location
  8. If the package is exclusive to an account, then the account ID will be here. If the package is associated with a specific item, then the list will include that information (red box).

This piece of documentation is for current customers of Shipedge only.

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Last updated byJack Sawyer on November 1, 2018