Fulfillment Networks

We offer full integration with multiple selling channels and multiple shipping locations. Whether you drop ship, ship from your office, our warehouse, or FBA, our order management system will help you automate and monitor all your locations.

ShipEdge will quickly become your company’s shipping backend console. You literally start shipping by just clicking buttons online. Everything that happens with your product anywhere is visible online in real-time. Our systems and people communicate with you, your shopping cart, or selling tools through this secure website or extranet.

Having an independent service provider that isn’t linked to any selling site or marketplace gives you the advantage of managing your orders and inventory for all channels from a single fully-integrated distribution center at the same low rate — whether you sell your merchandise on ebay.com, amazon.com, buy.com, Comparison Shopping Engines, your own website, or anywhere else. However, we understand that eCommerce is not as simple as that. Etailers are forced to stretch their inventory and resources to accommodate the market. We don’t try to rule the market but rather adapt to it with you.

Outsourcing is probably the best decision an independent seller can make: Can you imagine your orders shipping by themselves? — no more messy peanuts and boxes. No more unreliable helpers that charge regardless of your level of sales — we charge only if you sell. Shipping & handling charges are usually paid by the buyer. We also handle order management and fulfillment. Furthermore, we handle all your inventory, quality control, counting, weighing, photography, etc. We assist sellers with a wide variety of value-added services, such as inventory forecasting and optional, fully-customizable communications by email or inside the box, including shipment or backorder notification, which include expected delivery dates. No more, “Has it been shipped yet?” — You and your customers will love it!

Last updated byShipedge on October 23, 2018