Multi-channel Retailers

Internet Retailers are taking advantage of many internet-based marketplaces and online selling channels in order to get new customers and increase sales. We understand the challenges associated with multi-channel order processing and customer services. Therefore, we offer multiple integrations solutions with major online selling channels. We also support your customer service efforts by offering multi-user system access and order status widgets for your web-store.

Multi-Channel etailers require dealing with a vast number of portals to sell products. The challenges associated with keeping up with your inventory availability in real time is essential in order to provide good service. Working with us means that you will have access to real (and verified) physical product quantity counts at your fingertips.

You might also require translating your inventory into data that selling portals and tools can understand. If you keep up with multiple tools, you will quickly realize that inconsistencies are a fact of life. That’s why we have prepared a real solution for your inventory management needs, allowing you to see in real time the current state of your inventory at any and all times.

Let us show you how we can help you achieve automation so you spend less time managing inventory and more time selling and growing your business. Our dedicated development team can quickly integrate any tool in your belt or your shopping cart to work with Shipedge.

Last updated byShipedge on October 23, 2018