Merchant – Mapping New ShipMethods (Fixing Orders In Error Status Due To This)

How to fix orders that go into error status when getting imported from any shopping cart due to a ShipMethod error. This guide will explain how to map shipping methods into Shipedge.


1. Finding The Orders


Your first step is to log on to your account and see if the orders have been imported from your shopping cart. Usually the first time you integrate a selling channel/shopping cart some orders may come into Shipedge under an error status. You can click on this X to go into the list of the orders that are in error status. There are multiple reasons that this may occur and the only way to find out what caused the error is to go into that page and view the error notifications. For this lesson we will go over how to fix orders that come into Shipedge with a Shipping Method error.

2. Seeing The Reason For Error Status


Once you get to the Error page you can see the reason that each of the orders are in error status. As you can see in the photo the reason these four orders are in error status is due to the Shipping Method. This means that the shipping method that the shopping cart/selling channel (in this case, Exigo) uses is not recognized within Shipedge. If the selling channel/shopping cart uses different names/codes for their shipping methods than what Shipedge uses (which is what happens the majority of the time) then the shipping methods must be mapped. This means that you must enter the shipping methods that the shopping cart/selling channel uses within Shipedge and point them to the corresponding shipping methods that you wish to use for those shipping methods within Shipedge. We will go over how to do that in the next few steps.

3.1 Mapping Shipping Methods – Go To Orders -> Integrations


To map your incoming Shipping Methods go to Orders -> Integrations.


3.2 Mapping Shipping Methods – Integrations Page


Find the channel/shopping cart you wish to map (in this example it would be Exigo, so the last row) and click on the ShipMethod Translator link for that selling channel/shopping cart.


3.3 Mapping Shipping Methods – ShipMethod Translator Page


Once you get to the ShipMethod Translator page you will see there is a large table with the majority of the shipping methods configured within Shipedge. The yellow column is the code that we use for our shipping methods and the codes that Shipedge understands. In order to map your custom shipping methods from your shopping cart/selling channel you will have to find the shipping method you want to use for your custom shipping methods and match them up.

1. Find the Shipping Method you wish to map first from the yellow column.
2. Enter the Shipping Method name (exactly how it appears in your shopping cart/selling channel) in this column on the same row as the corresponding shipping method that you wish for Shipedge to use in its place.
3. This can be left empty. Enter the Shipping Carrier that will ship that shipping method. Example: If you are using USPS Priority Mail for as your shipping method then you would enter USPS in the last column on the right on the same row as you are doing the above steps.

Repeat the above steps for any and all shipping methods that you need to map.

4. This button will take you to a special page where all the columns are empty. The reason we have this page is because not all of our shipping methods fit on the first screen so we allow you to enter any other shipping method that is configured within Shipedge that does not appear on the first screen to be entered on this page. The same process will apply except you need to fill out all four columns. Contact your warehouse if you need assistance with finding out the codes for all other shipping methods that do not appear on the first page.

*****If you wish to map multiple different shipping methods from your shopping cart/selling channel to one shipping method in Shipedge you would have to use the Shipping Method Mapping button in the above picture to go to the custom Shipping Method Translator page where you can enter your custom codes. You would enter the one Shipedge shipping method on the left column as many times as you need to and then you would enter all your different shopping cart/selling channel shipping methods on the second column (third column can be left empty as explained in step 3 above) so that all the different shipping methods point to 1 Shipedge shipping method and click Save.*******

Click Save when you are done or Cancel if you messed up and wish to restart.


4. Re-evaluate Orders In Error Status & Submit


Once you have finished mapping all the necessary shipping methods (for this example the merchant would of needed to map the shipping method “1” to a certain method that Shipedge understands) you would return to your error page by returning to your Orders Page and clicking on the red X beside the selling channel/shopping cart.

1. You will click on Re-evaluate all to have Shipedge re-evaluate the orders with the new changes you have made. All orders that have been resolved will have a green checkmark instead of the red X.
2. You can click Submit All Orders after you have re-evaluated them. All orders that have a checkmark will be entered into Shipedge correctly now.
3. You can also go and Submit the orders one by one if you wish by going down the Action column where the Submit button will appear beside any order that has had a green checkmark appear after being re-evaluated.

Your orders are not in Shipedge correctly and will be processed by the warehouse if you have all the required quantities of the necessary inventory. They will enter into their respective status (Pending, Backorder, etc.) and no longer be in error.

Last updated byShipedge Support on October 24, 2018