Manual Replenishment from OMS-Supplier -- Cross dock or Just in Time Fulfillment process

Traditional Retail has Purchase Orders (stock your store and sell). eCommerce is faster and marketing focused so product can be sold without stock.

Merchants have two main ways to sell products without stock:
1. Dropship Operations
2. Cross Dock or Just in Time Operations

1. Dropship means that the Supplier will fulfill the order directly to the consumer. The seller sends the order to the Supplier and the Supplier fulfills the order. On this modus operandi: Shipedge has the ability to send orders by email, by API, by FTP or EDi. Finally Shipedge has the ability to provide branch access to its shipping interface for the supplier to get orders and Shipping labels.

2. Cross Dock (i.e. x-dock in Shipedge) means that when product arrives into one dock(door) of the warehouse, it will leave on the other dock (dock) — therefore, the name cross dock. Selling without stock using this model requires a nearby supplier that can send the product to your Shipedge warehouse immediately after the order is received. Once received at the warehouse, the product will be entered normally using the Replenishment feature but as the product is processed, shipping labels are printed so product can be packed instead of putting it away.

This document explains how to create a Replenishment to fulfill all the backorders with product at an already integrated Distribution center.

NOTE: If you haven’t setting up another Shipedge OMS account as your supplier, you will need to follow the Supplier integration document.

1. Create a Replenishment from an internal Supplier


You (the OMS-Seller) are probably getting a lot of orders in status backorder. It is time to fulfill those orders.
1. Go to Replenishment and Click on “Add Replenishment”:
2. Fill in the Supplier Name
3. Fill in the Expected Date of Arrival — This information will help Customer service make sure everything is working correctly.
– and anything you need (do not pre-sync).

2. Creating a Purchase Order


As you create a replenishment in the warehouse you are also creating a Purchase Order to your supplier.

1. Note that by default the distribution center is set to your own warehouse.
2. You can click on Available header to sort ascending and see what you need to buy.
3. Click “Fill Backorders”.

All the quantities you need will be automatically populated for you.

IMPORTANT: If there are products already coming in a replenishment (Processing or In Transit), “Fill Backorders” will not include these products into the Replenishment (PO)

2.1 (optionally) Add products and quantities from a specific DC to the Replenishment (PO)


If you need to add any product making sure it is available at the DC, you can follow this steps.
1. enter the Sku you need to order
2. select the DC you want to see availabilities at.
3. click search.
4. enter the quantity you want to order
5. Click insert to include those units into your Replenishment (PO).

3. Send your Purchase Order to the OMS-Supplier


1. Make sure your order looks good. Skus and Quantities.
2. Click on “Available actions” and select the OMS-Supplier you want to send this to.

Your replenishment will go into status Processing and the OMS supplier will have an order (PO) ready to pick in the warehouse.

BONUS X-Dock view


1. OMS-Seller account and go to Replenishment > X-Dock ETA (icon)
You will see a big list of all the backorders in your account (OMS-Seller).
2. If you have backorders without a Replenishment In transit or Processing, you will see an alert.
– As any alert in Shpiedge, it is a clickable filter.

Last updated byShipedge on October 23, 2018