How to upload orders by CSV or Spreadsheet

ShipEdge offers various levels of integration:

  1. Manual order entry
  2. Upload of any spreadsheet (CSV or flat file) – Universal custom mapping available
  3. Drop a xml, CSV or flat file at an FTP folder and let ShipEdge fetch the file every other hour
  4. Use our API to integrate your own tailor-made shopping cart
  5. Let ShipEdge call your shopping cart and get orders every other hour.

Integration includes synchronizing your inventory quantities, getting orders as they become paid, and updating them to shipped status while posting the tracking numbers as they get shipped.

Create a new selling channel




Go to ShipEdge > Orders > integrations (link) and click “Add” from the top or bottom of the page.


Name your channel for each custom CSV mapping


  1. This name will be used on several views: Orders, Integration alerts, Orders’ Imports page, etc.
  2. Where your file headers are located (most sales reports will have headers on the first row of your spreadsheet)
  3. Most CSV reports or spreadsheets that include several SKUs per order repeat the order number and list only the SKUs and QTYs of each item that is included in the order
  4. Whether you want this custom mapping to show in your CSV upload screen or not
  5. An internal description for you and your team

Configure, Link or Map Each of Your Header Names to ShipEdge’s Header Names.




  1. The page will explain what is each header name related to for ShipEdge. Note that only a few fields are mandatory, but many others are strongly desired, such as your customer’s email address (CustEmail). Please try to map as many fields as your channels export can provide. Keep in mind that ShipEdge can be used by your customer service team as a centralized orders history.
  2. The default values can be used for most fields but can be tricky to set up.

– If you have any questions, you can create a support ticket including the file you are trying to upload. Our integrations team will work as fast as possible to accomplish integration.

NOTE: Users are required to perform testing on their own during off-office hours and cancel any orders before warehouse starts processing orders during office hours.

Last updated byShipedge on December 6, 2018