How To Upload Inventory From A Spreadsheet Or CSV

You may create products in ShipEdge in several ways. You can upload a single SKU Manually, but one of the most common and easier ways is probably by uploading a spreadsheet in CSV format. CSV stands for comma separated values and it looks like this: “value”,”value”,”value”, etc. We recommend using OpenOffice to create and edit this type of files. If you use Excel, you will need to save your file as CSV (but make sure it is the correct csv format).

Go to Inventory > Import Products Screen



On the home Screen you will find the Inventory Menu-Item
1. Click on Inventory menu-item, then
2. Click on “Import Products”

Create a CSV File (download template provided)




Please read the documentation in this screen before filling in the data.

1. Click on the Download template icon
2. Open the file in your computer: We recommend using OpenOffice (free software).
3. Populate the information following the instructions provided in the screen.

NOTE: Make sure to leave the header names in the file.



1) Quantity column is used only when you are creating a new Sku and also sending us this product to the warehouse (replenishment) in the next couple of days. You will need to let us know how many units you are sending by filling in this column. If you are not sending the product and just want to create an SKU on your inventory, just enter 0 quantity in this field.

2) Also, please note that the cost column (optional to fill up or not) should show the price of your supplier, if you are not manufacturing the product. If this field is filled, you will be able to generate Purchase Orders from ShipEdge The information that you enter inside that field is confidential and not visible for the warehouse personnel.

Upload Your CSV File




After properly filling out your spreadsheet and saving it as a .CSV file. Go back to ShipEdge in your browser:

1. Click the “Browse” button, a finder or explorer window will pop-up. Select the .csv file you wish to import.
2. Click “Add” and wait a few seconds.

Results Display After Uploading Your CSV File




This view shows the list of all the .csv files you have uploaded.


Records in file:
Means how many lines of data were recognized from your file.

Successfully Imported:
Number of SKUs that were created in ShipEdge.

Already in System:
SKUs that will not be created because they already exist in ShipEdge

SKUs not Imported below:
Los of SKUs that do not meet requirements such as: SKU, Description, Declared Value, etc.

If the results column is empty it means that the information in your file was not recognized.

If you need to see more information, simply click on “Details” to see list of SKUs created or already in the system

Detail Information After CSV Upload




This screen shows a more detailed information, including a list of all the items imported or not.

Let Us Know What’s Coming




In order to let us know what’s coming you need to generate a PO or Replenishment in ShipEdge.

– If the”Quantity” field is entered in the CSV file. ShipEdge will create a replenishment so you may review and submit. Just click on the Replenishment ID#

Submitting a Replenishment




Your replenishment was created but it is still incomplete (i.e. not visible by the warehouse).

1. Verify all your data. If necessary you can still make changes by clicking on Grit Edit.
2. Notify the warehouse of this replenishment by clicking the “SubmitReplenishment” button.

tip: You can download a purchase order to your supplier from this screen.

Last updated byShipedge on October 24, 2018