How to Process a Replenishment with Lot, Expiration, and Units of Measure with the Shipedge App

Quick Receiving of a Replenishment with the Shipedge App

1. Navigate to the Replenishments Page

 To start processing a replenishment that has a SKU with units of measure, we are going to go to the mobile app and click on the replenishment button.

2. Scan or Input the SKU

If you are using a scanner, you can directly scan the barcode in this window. Or you can enter the SKU number manually.

Enter the number and Click “OK”

3. Select the Replenishment

Here you will be able to see the replenishment numbers and a list of available replenishments. In this case I only have one replenishment that is using this SKU,

4. Evaluate the Replenishment

Once you select your replenishment you can see the replenishment description. Up top you can see the quantity request of this SKU.  If the SKU is already in your warehouse then you will see the bin number in big red letters.

Right now, because we are using units of measure, I need to select what kind of unit to receive the SKU with. So, click "Edit" in the top right corner. 

5. Define the Units of Measure, Lot Number, and/or Expiration

Here you can enter data or information regarding this SKU. You can enter lot #, expiration date, and in this case we are using the UOM, which stands for Units of Measure.

Click on the button and you will see a predetermined list showing what kinds of cases are available.There are cases of 20, 5, 36, 12, and 10 units. I am going to select a case of 20.

Now click "OK".

6. Select a Bin

The next step is to either scan or type in a bin location for this SKU if it does not have one already. Just above the text box there is a small list of free bins that you can use.

Select one of them or type out the bin number for your SKU.

7. Enter the Replenishment Quantity

A new window will pop up and you will need to tell the system how many units you received. In this case I received 200 units, so I type that in. I can also do this manually with the plus and minus buttons, but that’s better for smaller orders. I’ll just type in 200 and click send. 

8. Select a Bin

After clicking send you can start scanning in the next item. If you've received all of your replenishments then the next step is processing the replenishments. 

Processing the Replenishment

1. Open the Replenishment

You can navigate to the replenishments tab by going to Inventory>Replenishment.

In the drop down menu you can filter and search by the OMS account. Once you select the relevant account, click “Search”.

Once you’ve filtered by account, scroll down and find the replenishment ID that you are looking for. It should show a status of “Processing”.

2. Evaluate the Replenishment

Once you've opened the Replenishment you will see two sections. The top section is a list of the SKUs you are still waiting to receive. In the bottom section there is a list of the SKUs you've already received.

In this case, we see that we've only received one SKU, 4121. The SKU came with a quantity of 200 in cases of 20, so that is 10 cases. We are still waiting on 100 units of the Tattif Taif SKU, 150 units in cases of 10 of the 4123 SKU, and 360 units of the 4263 SKU. 

3. Process the Replenishment

If everything looks correct, click "ALL DONE". 

4. Submit the Replenishment

You will be redirected to this screen. In orange you will see the SKUs that you received and in red the SKUs that you are still waiting on. Click "Submit".

5. Replenishment Complete

You will be redirected back to the Replenishments Tab. In red you will see "The RepleID XXXXX was successfully completed and archived". You are done and can now process another replenishment. 

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Last updated byShipedge Support on December 28, 2018