How to Print LPN Labels

The Shipedge System uses a lot of bin numbers, location numbers, and zone numbers. Here we see another number: a License Plate Number or LPN. You can use an LPN for many things, but in this examples we are printing LPN Labels for a picking tray that will work with the Shipedge Mobile App.

Navigate to the Packaging Page

Print LPN Label

The first step is to navigate to your packaging page. You can find this page in the WMS portal by going to the Inventory dropdown menu and selecting the Packaging option. 

Select the Print LPN Labels Option

How to Print LPN Labels Step 2

On the packaging page, click the link that says, “Print LPN Labels 4x1”.

Fill Out the Form

When you click on the Print LPN Labels link, this form will pop-up. Fill out the form according to your specifications.

  1. Prefix: The prefix is the qualifying text that appears before the initial number. Type in what you are using the LPN for. In this example we use TRAY as the prefix because this label is for a picking tray. We will use the tray for pick and pack with the android app. 
  2. Initial#: This is the initial number the system will print. The system will start at this number and count upward. 
  3. Number of Labels to Print: This is simply the number of labels you would like to print. If you are printing multiple labels, the system will start with your Initial #. 
  4. Print: When you are ready, click “Print”

Change Your Printer Settings

When you select print, you will see a normal printer view pop-up. You will need to configure your settings so that the LPN Labels will print as 4x1in labels. 

Select “More Settings”

  1. Make sure your paper size is 4x1inch
  2. You may need to change your Layout to Landscape
  3. Double check that you have the right printer selected. In this case we are printing with our Zebra Test Printer. If you need labels, we use these.
  4. Look at the viewing label to make sure everything looks correct. 
  5. When everything looks good, click print and you are done. 

This piece of documentation is for current customers of Shipedge only.

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Last updated byJack Sawyer on November 1, 2018