How to Discontinue a SKU

In order to avoid billing and history problems, you may NOT eliminate nor rename a SKU in your Shipedge inventory. However, you may discontinue a SKU from your active inventory. The SKU will still be recorded inside your discontinued SKUs on your Inventory view. You will be able to re-enable a discontinued SKU if desired.

There are some important considerations you should make before deciding to discontinue a SKU from your inventory:

1. Shipedge cannot discontinue a SKU if it has quantity in warehouse, or if the SKU is inside a Replenishment or a return order.
2. If this SKU is part of a SynSet, the SynSet will be destroyed when this SKU is discontinued.

To begin, locate the SKU



– If you want to discontinue a SKU from your inventory, type the SKU inside the search box on the Inventory view and press “Search.”
– Once Shipedge shows you the SKU on your screen, click on the “History” link on the right-hand side.

Discontinue a SKU



1) Discontinue SKU requirements

– In-stock quantity should be zero (0).
– No backorders.
– No Replenishments.
– No returns.
– No Synsets.

2) Discontinue SKU view: Press this link and the SKU will be discontinued from your active inventory.

Discontinue Confirmation



Press “Confirm Discontinue” button to finish SKU discontinuation process.
– Once a SKU is discontinued:

  • It will not be part of several screens.
  • API Orders with discontinued SKUs will return as errors.
  • If you create a Replenishment by CSV with that item, it will be re-enabled automatically.

If you don’t expect to replenish a SKU after it sells out, you may want to consider setting it as a “one-time product.” One-time products get discontinued automatically at midnight if they meet the requirements explained above.

For instructions on how to Re-Enable a Discontinued SKU, click here

Last updated byShipedge on October 24, 2018