How to Create a Procedure

Procedures are used to associate special activities required by certain products. You can set up a procedure, but warehouse managers have the last word approving procedures created by you or warehouse personnel.

To create a Procedure




1) The procedure name is visible in the packing list and needs to be as descriptive as possible, but keep in mind that customers will also see it.
2) The description of the procedure explains to warehouse personnel what exactly needs to happen with the process.
3) After you create the procedure, you will be asked to select the products associated with it.

NOTE: If you are setting up an item as an insert or a sticker, you must select only the insert or sticker SKU, not all the products the procedure will be applied to. Inserts and Stickers must be applied to all orders and will not cause backorders. If you wish to apply inserts only when certain items are shipped, you will need to create Synsets.