How to Check An Order Before It Ships

Sometimes, you’ll want to check orders that automatically enter our system through integrations. You might need to add/delete an item, check delivery rules, verify that the right product is being sent out, or check against fraud. Now, it’s possible to edit any order that’s still in “Pending” status, but the warehouse processes these order fairly quickly, and once they do so, you’re no longer able to edit those orders. The best way to make sure an order stay in Shipedge until you’ve checked it is by changing its status from “Pending” to “Waiting” (AKA “Hold”).


Shipedge also allows you to hold orders on entry automatically.


1. Click on “Integrations” Under the Main Orders Tab


1. Simply click on the checkbox in the “Hold Entry” column. This means that orders will come into Shipedge with a “Waiting” status.


2. Releasing a “Waiting” Order is Simple


To release a Waiting order, click on the “Release Order” link on the right-hand side of the screen (1).


3. If You Look at an Order on Hold, It Should Look Like the Following


You can also release orders by clicking on the “Release Order” link in the “Order Details” screen.

Last updated byShipedge on October 24, 2018