How to add funds and configure payment

Shipedge offers pay-as-you-go, which includes the most transparent billing in the industry. You can see how your money is being spent in real time. Whether you get charged for shipping or a return item just got cleaned and restocked, you will see each charge associated with an order, return, or replenishment as it happens.


Where do I find my account’s current balance?



The Orders Tab shows you your Shipedge account balance at all times.
1. To add funds, click on the “Add Funds” link by your current balance.


That brings you to this screen



(1) shows your current account balance. If the account has a negative balance, you need to add funds to avoid holds on your orders shipment.

(2) shows the amount you are authorizing to pay with the selected credit card.

This box (3) shows the balance before and after payment is made.

You can enter several credit cards to manage your account here (4). When adding funds, you can select your preferred credit card for the transaction and then press the “Add Funds” button.

Shipedge accepts payments via all major credit cards or through a checking account, and you can add your payment methods here (5).

You’re also able to set up your account to make monthly payments automatically when the balance falls below a certain amount, and you can set up the amount to be added by clicking the “Auto-pay Setup” link (6).

Last updated byShipedge on October 24, 2018