Fulfilling Orders With Dropshipped Products

Some orders may come into the WMS which include items not physically present in the warehouse. This could include downloadable products or items fulfilled by the client or another warehouse. While the warehouse is not expected to ship these products, the SKUs should still be created in the system in order to centralize information. Shipedge manages these orders by separating the items by their distribution center. When these SKUs are entered in the system, either by .csv or manually adding the SKU,you must set the Distribution Center as Dropship. This DC is configured by default for all servers. When the order is imported into Shipedge, the system will separate these SKUs and either ignore them in the order or mark them as dropshipped. The warehouse can then process the order as normal.

Note: This will only function for orders with integrations, not manually entered orders.

Last updated byChris Grigsby on July 3, 2019