Downloading Shipedge - Android Only

How to download Shipedge from the Android Google Play Marketplace. ($29.99)

1) Open Google Play on your device


Open Google Play on your mobile device

2) Search for “Shipedge”


Search for “Shipedge” in the Google Play Marketplace using the search bar

3) We offer two versions of the App:  Torch and WMS PRO

Torch uses the smartphone or table camera for scanning.  is meant to be used by a casual user.  It can also use connected Bluetooth scanners.

WMS Pro requires a Bluetooth scanner or a device with embedded barcode scanner.   RFID, Laser or CCD scanners are supported.

4) Install the app to your device

Install the app to your device.

Turn on auto-update or try to keep it up to date.




Last updated byShipedge on October 26, 2018