DHLeC Label Certification

DHLeC label certification is handled by primarily by the customer. It requires them to send DHLeC labels and a driver manifest.

1) Contact the DHLeC customer representative

Contact the DHLeC customer representative to initiate the process. They will give the contact information for the DHLeC employees that handle the label certification process. At present this is done by individual DHLeC representatives and the department itself does not have a generic email address or contact information.

2) Print and send labels to DHLeC

The customer will need to print and send labels in PDF format to the appropriate DHLeC.

DHLeC Label Certification

3) Driver manifest

DHLeC Label Certification


Once the labels and manifest pass technical review and have been approved the DHLeC representative will work with the customer to coordinate the first shipment.


Last updated byShipedge Support on October 26, 2018