Creating Ship Methods in Xenvio

In this article, configuring shipping methods in Xenvio is examined.

1. Shipedge shipping method table

Login to the customer’s shipedge account at using the cdc admin account. Go to the shipping methods table under Shipping > Shipping Methods. Each carrier will be configured individually so sort by the carrier in question. In this example USPS is being configured. This will be used as a reference to configure the shipping methods in Xenvio.

In the figure below PMITFLAT is used for Priority Mail International with a Flat envelope.

Creating Ship Methods in Xenvio

2. Shipping methods in Xenvio

In a separate tab on the browser login to the customers Xenvio account. Go to the shipping methods tab. Select the appropriate carrier tab for the warehouse to be configured. If the customer has more than one warehouse, each warehouse will be configured individually. Take the appropriate shipedge shipping method and enter it into the table under the column "Your shipping Method code". If a specific package type is needed choose from the list in the "mail type" column. Leave all the columns relating to surcharge, percent, fuel, delivery, and insurance costs at 0.0 as these costs will be accounted for in the Shipedge shipping method table under Global surcharge/markup fee. The customer will set this themselves using the "Prices" account.

Do this for all shipping methods that the customer is using. Compare this with the Ship methods form received from the customer to be certain everything they requested was covered.

In this figure we see that PMITFLAT is connected to Priority mail International with a flat rate envelope as it was in the Shipedge shipping method table above.

Creating Ship Methods in Xenvio

Last updated byShipedge Support on October 26, 2018