Affordable Web-based Fulfillment

Stay on top of your business from work, home, or the road. Ship when and where you want. As long as you have internet, you have access to your warehouse. Full inventory management systems are available to you, including forecasting, some accounting and purchase order processing. Then plug that inventory into your shopping-cart and we quickly process all the orders for you. You relax and watch your order changing status as they go out, and your customers love and praise you for quick shipping and professional packaging.

As orders arrive in your shopping cart or payment system, our systems receive them. Product is allocated and reserved for the pick & pack area. All orders are quickly processed, and we pack your product professionally. Each package is weighed and scanned to retrieve a shipping label as the tracking number is registered online for you, then your customer is notified by email. You and your customers can see the status of each order on your own website. Additionally, we offer free inventory management with extended support for product characteristics, photography and a number of other eCommerce services for less.

We believe that price is the best way to give our customers the edge they need to be the number one in a list of products, whether buyers sort their item search by prices or are looking for free shipping. We achieve better pricing for everyone by leveraging on economies of scale and adopting the latest technology to minimize labor and expenses on our side. Some people believe you can’t have something good and affordable. We looked at history and found many examples where technology has done just that. When we find that something is using too much of our time, we invent and create a better process instead of raising prices.

Last updated byShipedge on October 23, 2018