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Inventory Control

Inventory Management Solutions

Shipedge is a state of the art Warehouse and Order Management System for eCommerce and distribution. Naturally, inventory control is a cornerstone feature for Shipedge software.  

Inventory Tracking

  • Asset Management Tracking
  • Reverse Logistics Tracking
  • Inbound Workflow
  • Asset Recovery

Shipedge connects you to all of your unique inventory locations. Manage your inventory at distribution and fulfillment centers, suppliers, drop shippers, and brick-and-mortar stores. 

You have absolute visibility and inventory control. Monitor levels, integrate with suppliers, and connect to our award winning Warehouse Management System.

ERP for eCommerce
Inventory Control Returns and Exchanges

Returns Management

  • Put Away Workflow
  • Refurbishment
  • Channel Syncing
  • Asset Recovery
  • Generate Return Labels
  • Condition Tracking
  • RMA Automation
  • Refund Workflow

Returns management gets complex fast. That's why Shipedge can be one of your best friends and tools. We’ve developed state of the art procedures for managing returns. Shipedge reduces costs and increases efficiency. Plus, we create opportunities in secondary markets and provide satisfactory results for every party involved.

With the Shipedge Warehouse Management System you have a fast and accurate receiving workflow. And in combination with our Order Management System you can view the history of any specific item.


  • 100+ Integrations
  • EDI and API
  • All Major Shipping Carriers
  • Selling Tools
  • Selling Channels
  • Custom Integrations Available

With Integrations you have even more eCommerce freedom. Shipedge allows you to manage and control your inventory across all of your selling channels. We even integrate with suppliers using API and EDI, so you have a clear picture. 

Finally, we integrate with shipping carriers, so you can track your inventory after it leaves your warehouse.

Shipedge Inventory Control Integrations


  • Alerts to Order
  • Improved Reporting

  • Condition Tracking
  • Perpetual Updates

Shipedge has improved forecasting. We empower you to look ahead and make decisions for the growth of your company. You can see reorder points that take economic order quantities into account. We send you an alert when your inventory gets low, so you never miss out on an order. 

Core features

Remote Inventory Control

Returns & exchanges

Order routing

best rate shipping

just in time operations

warehouse management with mobile app

ADVANCED inventory control features

Serial Number Control

Shipedge gives you the ability to track and monitor all of your serial numbers. Track inbound, outbound, and around the warehouse. This is an inventory control solution for electronics, pharmaceuticals, rentals, refurbishment centers and more. 

Expiration Date Control

Track the expiration dates for all of your perishable items. Use inventory control to eliminate dead stock.

Units of Measure

Fulfill orders by the unit, case, pallet, truck load, or any other unit you desire. Shipedge tracks all of the information in the system, so you always have the details you need.  

Lot Number Control

Like expiration dates, you can track lot numbers. Get rid of dead stock and comply with governing bodies. Shipedge inventory control with lot number does hours of work in seconds. 

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We Take Technology Partnerships Seriously

Shipedge is here to be your technology partner - and partner means partner. New to the industry? Trying to break into a new market? Need a custom solution? Let our industry experts champion your cause. With over a decade of expertise, we know supply chain. And we know inventory management. This is the beginning of a relationship focused on you expanding your company. 

We are here to help you grow, because when you succeed we succeed. 

With a completely customizable and scalable ecommerce solution the sky is the limit. You worry about the marketing and we'll take care of the logistics.