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eCommerce Cannabis Fulfillment with Shipedge

Cannabis eCommerce Fulfillment software for the online cannabiz industry.

Pick it.
Pack it.
Ship it.

Complete Control of Your Cannabis Fulfillment Network

As the United States moves toward Federal legalization, the ecommerce cannabis industry is set to boom. 

Shipedge fulfillment software for accuracy, safety, and compliance.

Shipedge Track and Trace

Track and Trace Integration

Shipedge integrates with Metrc, along with more than 70 selling channels, shipping carriers, and trading partners. 

Shipedge Cannabis Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Keep track of your inbound and outbound inventory. With POS integrations, lot control, and unit of measure you have total inventory control. 

Cannabis Fulfillment Compliance

Government Compliance

Rest easy knowing that your business and your clients are safe. Manage your enterprise and use inventory data to comply with regulations. 

Cannabis Order Management

Complete Marketing Flexibility

The cannabis industry takes many different forms. From medical to recreational, dispensary to delivery, and B2B to B2C - we have you covered. Create a cannabis fulfillment network from growers to consumers. We have lot control and expiration date management, so you can always maintain a fresh supply. Shipedge also has modules for prescriptions, oils, micro-dosing, CBD, or anything else you may need. Create product bundles or sell items one-by-one. So, no matter what you do to grow your ecommerce business, Shipedge keeps your channels organized and your inventory managed. 

Safe and Compliant

Keep Your Business, Customers, and Employees Safe

For your sake, your business's sake, your customers' sake, and your employees' sake - let's keep your operation safe, secure, and compliant. We integrate with Metrc so you can adhere to governing bodies. Shipedge also integrates with last mile providers so that you can continue to grow your cannabis fulfillment network and keep impaired drivers off the road. We have the rare opportunity to build an industry together - and build it right. 

Warehouse Management

Use Modern, Learning Technology to Grow Faster

Labor is the single greatest variable cost in the fulfillment industry. It doesn't matter if you have a big warehouse or small shop, we keep everything organized. Shipedge is 3PL ready with billing modules and an order management interface for each client. The plug and play solution lets you manage suppliers, distribution centers, outbound inventory, and inbound inventory. So you have total visibility and control over your ecommerce cannabis fulfillment network.

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