Shipedge Ebay Integration

Ebay was on of the first selling channels for eCommerce. With the Ebay Integration you can track inventory across all of your channels. 

Shipedge Ebay Integration

Kitting Ready

Use marketing tactics to create bundles and kits. We track inventory for individual SKUs and Bundle SKUs. 

Barcode Icon

Serial Number Managament

Verify all of the goods you buy and sell with serial numbers, lot control, and expiration date. Let your customers know they can trust you. 


Returns Management

We manage returns and exchanges for all of your inventory. Set rules and find ways to offer more on Ebay. 

Enterprise Functionality, Start-Up Mentality

We started as an eCommerce company turned 3PL. We know the industry and we designed our system to meet your needs. Take advantage of the Ebay Integration, as well as over 100 others. You focus on your business, we will take care of the logistics. 

Take Advantages of All Our Integrations

Shipedge connects with more than just Ebay. With over 100 integrations we create solutions for everyone in fulfillment. Whether you are a seller or fulfillment provider, we make integrations easy. If you don't see the one you want, just let us know. We can integrate with any software using API, EDI, and anything else you need.