Using Xenvio: A Customer Perspective

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This document will discuss several tasks that the customer may need to perform themselves in Xenvio. This includes Creating a Manifest and troubleshooting orders.

Creating a manifest

In certain case a drivers manifest my be required by the shipping carrier. DHLeC in particular requires use of the manifest and requires it for label certification The Manifest tab is the second tab in Xenvio. This page shows a list of all manifests that have been recent created and allows the creation of new manifests.

To create a new manifest click New Manifest.

Using Xenvio: A Customer Perspective

Clicking New Manifest will bring up a panel that allows you to choose which warehouse to use, and which any carrier that as been configured for that warehouse.

Using Xenvio: A Customer Perspective

This then produces a pdf with the drivers manifest on it.

Using Xenvio: A Customer Perspective

Troubleshooting Errors

Xenvio will usually pass along errors it encounters to Shipedge. If an error occurs during the processing step when the Xenvio button is clicked Shipedge returns to the same processing step with the error. However, it may on certain occasions, such as when text of the error is too long for Shipedge to display, be useful to look at the error in Xenvio.

It should be noted that these error messages are being passed through from the carriers and are not originating in Xenvio.

When you login to Xenvio it defaults to the home tab which shows the current shipments. This tab has 3 more tabs of its own: Ready, Printed, and Error Log. Choose the Error log tab.

Using Xenvio: A Customer Perspective

On the error log tab find the shipment that is needed by the shipping number, referred to here as ID. Click on the shipping number to open it. The information Xenvio has on this shipment is displayed in two columns. Look at the right column and scroll down to the end of it. The last entry in the column on the right is the error message.

Using Xenvio: A Customer Perspective
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