Navigating The Shipedge Main Menu

Navigating The Shipedge Main Menu

Navigating the Shipedge Main Menu on the Seller’s side of the Shipedge order management system.



1. Wall – Used to communicate with the warehouse team.
2. Orders – Tab to view any and all orders that are currently in the Shipedge system.
3. Inventory – Current inventory of your products within the warehouse.
4. Replenishments – Any replenishments from suppliers to the warehouse of new inventory.
5. Returns – Tab to view any returns or exchanges of orders that are linked to your account.
6. Reports – Section to see reports of all orders and inventory within Shipedge.
7. My Account – Tab that allows you to access personal account and settings.
8. Log Out – Used to log out of the current account in Shipedge.

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