Demand Driven Operations

Each distribution center can keep track of inventory of nearby suppliers. This allows incoming orders to be assigned to a distribution center that is closest to the supplier when an order is placed. Shipedge triggers a Purchase Order as soon as a threshold is met, or on a daily basis depending on the needs of the user.

Real-time visibility into Estimated Times of Arrival for incoming inventory. Shipedge has a view where retailer Customer Service agents can monitor ETAs for each order based on scheduled arrivals of replenishments. This page even has alerts to show “trouble” orders, generally caused by deficiencies on the supplier’s side so that decisions can be stream-lined and customers expectations can be met.

Increasingly efficient cross-docking. As inventory is being received Shipedge prompts you to create shipping labels on the fly. It will also ask to hold inventory in nearby cross-dock shelves or BINS (if the warehouse is organized in this way) for consolidated order fulfillment in order to fulfill orders in the quickest way possible while maintaining quality assurance above all else.

Cloud-Based Integrations

  • Shipedge’s cloud-based infrastructure makes it very easy to launch distribution centers at any point in time.
  • It can also help retailers expand current distribution points and connect all of these locations to create an intelligent fulfillment network grid.
  • The Shipedge platform not only includes Shipedge’s distribution points, or nodes, but it can interact with external warehouses, suppliers and selling channels quickly and efficiently.
  • Integrations available for marketplace centers, suppliers offering drop-ship and/or cross-dock, your own warehouses and even FBA warehouses that are all managed from the control center, Shipedge.

Let Shipedge Forecast Your Inventory Needs And Never Run Out Of Inventory Again

Shipedge has an extensive algorithm that uses your past and current demands from your selling channels to determine what your sales volumes are over time and establishes trends based on this data. From this forecast, with just the click of a button, you can automatically create a Purchase Order/Replenishment that you can then send to your supplier, ordering just enough inventory so that you don’t have stock that is sitting around while having just enough so that you can handle the upcoming sales for the next few weeks. This is crucial during those busy seasons when running out of inventory can mean huge loses of profits. Shipedge will prevent this from occurring to you.

Supplier Management

Manage Your Supplier's Inventory Independently

Shipedge allows you to manage your suppliers as their own independent nodes within the network of your own grid. You can manage their inventory independently of your own and create replenishments based on what is available in your own warehouse as well as what is available in your supplier’s warehouses in order to fulfill all your orders in the quickest way possible. Shipedge routes your orders to their highest priority destination so that you can fulfill the orders of your clients as quick as possible.


Types Of Suppliers

  • Manufacturing Suppliers – Suppliers which manufacture the inventory and ship it to fulfillment warehouses for storage until an order is made for that product at which point it is shipped out from the fulfillment center to the end customer.
  • Dropship Suppliers – Suppliers which ship their inventory directly to the end customer. These suppliers will not send their inventory to a fulfillment warehouse since they handle the storage and shipping to the customer.
  • Cross-dock Suppliers – Suppliers which will ship their inventory to a fulfillment center as soon as there as an order for that product. This product will arrive at the fulfillment center and be shipped back out as soon as possible to the end customer.

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